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Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

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Zero Cancellation Charges on Turkish Airlines Ticket Cancellation

Turkish Airlines is the flag carrier service of turkey. This company provides its services to countries like Europe, Asia, Africa, and America’s 136 destinations. The airlines provide the best and comfortable facilities to its passengers including extra legroom, meals, and drinks, Wifi, entertainment facilities.

If you have to cancel your tickets because of any reason then you can do it easily with the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy. Cancel your tickets before one hour of your flight departure with fees. According to the policy, passengers had to pay the fees for the cancellation of the tickets that are cancelled after the 24 hours of the bookings. The fees related to the class and the destination for that the passenger had booked. There is also deduction offered but it also depends on the nature of tickets.

Turkish Airlines Cancellation

Cancellation Policy Based on the Ticket Type

The passenger will be able to get his amount after deducting the fees from the fare of the ticket in a refundable ticket. The passenger will not get any refund if he had booked a non-refundable ticket. There is an exceptional case that the passenger could get some taxes with a non-refundable type of ticket.

Cancel Your Tickets Within 24 Hours

Passenger that cancel the tickets with 24 hours cancellation policy, get the 100% refund. Turkish Airlines also offers a better option in its cancellation policy. If you have a non-published ticket then there is no need to spend a single amount. The tickets should be cancelled within 24 hours and they should also be issued before the 7 days or more than seven days of departure. It this type, both types of tickets can be cancelled within 24 hours of destination flight. Contact the airline agent for the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy.

Turkish Airlines Ticket Cancellation Charges

Cancellation charges depend on the fare of the tickets.

  • For economy class fare, no refund will be given after the cancellation of the tickets.
  • There is no refund allowed to the customers of economy flexible class, economy restricted class, and business class. 
  • Passengers of the business class have to pay the amount of $400 for the cancellation.
  • There is not any cancellation charges imposed on the flexible fare ticket.

Refund of the Turkish Airlines Cancellation

As said above the amount of the cancellation is dependent upon the class and route of the passengers. If for any reason the time of the flight changes from its schedule then passengers can easily claim the refund amount or they can change their flight without submitting nay fees. There is no penalty on the tickets cancelled with Turkish Airlines 24 hour cancellation. If you have a non-refundable type of tickets then you can get the portion of the tax form the total fare. You will get the refunds in your account in 20 working days.

Steps to Cancel Tickets Under Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

Some people are unaware of the cancellation of the tickets. Here are the steps by which you can easily cancel your tickets:

  • Firstly open the web browser that you use.
  • Go to the official website of the airlines’ and login to the account you made on it.
  • Click on the ‘plan and book’ option.
  • Then go and click on the ‘manage booking’ option.
  • Fill your code of reservation or number of your ticket with your name.
  • By clicking on proceed, get into the next step.
  • Select the option of cancelling a booking
  • Give a review of the selection.
  • And submit your cancellation request.

Follow the above steps to cancel your flight from Turkish airlines.
There are some of the questions which occur in the minds of the people related to the Turkish Airlines ticket cancellation policy and 24 hours cancellation policy.

Turkish Airlines Ticket Cancellation – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is fight cancellation is possible in Turkish Airlines?

No, flight cancellation will never be possible in Turkish airlines. If the airlines cancel the flights then they will serve you with arrangements till the next flight and will also give you the service like transportations for hotels.

2. What is the cancellation compensation policy in Turkish Airlines?

If the airlines cancel their flights because of natural calamities like earthquake, floods, etc, then there is no compensation for the passengers. But if the flights get cancelled or delayed without any information then the passengers will be compensated with eVouchers or meals and drinks.

3. How could one cancel his/her tickets of Turkish Airlines?

There are many ways of cancelling the tickets:

* With official website
* Offline mode on airport
* With the app on mobile
* On the counter at the airport

4. What is the cancellation fee?

If the passenger cancels the ticket within 12 hours then he has to pay the 40% of the cancellation fee.

5. How does the passenger get informed if the ticket is cancelled or not?

You can visit the official website of the airline and fill your details like your number of the ticket, route, name, etc.

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