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SAS Cancellation Policy

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Zero Cancellation Fee on SAS Flight Cancellation

Scandinavian Airlines abbreviated as SAS Airlines is a popular air flag carrier company that provides services to customers all over the world. Scandinavian Airlines is the combination of three other county airlines namely, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. The airline provides 157 aircraft to 125 destinations. The passengers can easily avail the services of the airlines through the website. Like any other airline, SAS Airline also has a cancellation policy for the passengers. SAS cancellation policy allows passengers to cancel their ticket any point of time based on certain terms and conditions applied. Also, for any queries regarding reservation for the booking, the passengers can feel free to contact the customer service team 24/7.

SAS cancellation policy

SAS Airlines Cancellation Policy

SAS flight cancellations are conceivable. However, there is no refund on the non-refundable tickets. If the SAS Airline flight tickets are canceled by the passengers, then the reimbursement can only be made based on terms and conditions associated with refundable and non-refundable tickets. The customer may ask for a refund in some circumstances specifying the purpose.

The SAS cancellation fees are taken from the cost of the fare on the refundable ticket. For an immediate answer regarding the SAS cancellation policy or any other issue, the passenger may contact the communicating agents with the provided SAS Airlines helpline numbers.

SAS 24 Hour Cancellation

Scandinavian Airlines also provides its passengers with 24 hours cancellation facility. As per this policy, the passengers have to cancel their reservation within the 24 hours of ticket purchased to get a full refund regardless of the ticket type. After the lapse of 24 hours, the passenger has to pay the required cancellation fee as their penalty on booked tickets. This 24 hours money-back guarantee does not apply to changing or rebooking the flight tickets.

This SAS 24 hour cancellation policy is applicable when:

  • The flight ticket is booked directly through the SAS Airline website, Mobile App, or through customer service.
  • The 24 hours money-back guarantee applies when the entire trip is canceled and the ticket is purchased more than 24 hours before the departure.
  • If the ticket is canceled or changed within 24 hours, then the different rules will apply based on the ticket type.
  • If the passenger first changes the ticket and then cancels the entire trip within 24 hours of booking then in such a case, a refund will be initiated for the price of the ticket and not for the price of the change.

How To Cancel SAS Airlines Reservations?

The passenger can cancel their flight ticket by using the link in the confirmation mail or the ‘My Bookings’ option on the official website of the airline. The flight ticket cost is usually not charged, and only reserved. The reserved amount is released immediately depending upon the card dealer. If the amount has already charged, then it will be credited to your account by the original payment method.

It will normally take 3-5 business days to complete the processing and reflecting your respective account.

SAS Airlines Cancellation Insurance

If the passengers have bought the flight cancellation insurance from the Europe Assistance at the time of booking on the website, and then cancel the entire trip. The Europe Assistance will automatically refund the amount in 7-10 business days.

SAS Airlines Refund Policy

If the passenger has booked the ticket for the round trip and only want to fly one-way, then the SAS flight refund is initiated for the part not used based on the terms and conditions applied to the ticket. The refund is generally calculated based on the terms associated with it and the conditions of the carriage.

SAS Flight Cancellation – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I cancel the trip booked with the Eurobonus points?

To cancel the trip:
* Go to the ‘My Bookings’ option on the website.
* Select the ‘Cancel Booking’ option.
* The entire trip will be canceled and any refundable taxes will be credited to the account within 3-5 business days.
* Any valid Eurobonus points will also be automatically returned to the respective Eurobonus account.
* The bonus tickets can only be canceled before the 24 hours of departure.
* If the passenger has booked a Regular ticket for points then he must contact the SAS Customer Service for cancellation.

2. What if the ticket is booked by the travel agent?

If the ticket is booked through the travel agent, then contact them for a refund after cancellation.

3. How can I cancel the booking due to a rejected visa?

In the case of visa rejection, the passenger can cancel the flight ticket directly through the SAS website by uploading a copy of the official visa rejection.

4. Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, you can cancel the reservation easily and can request for refund if the ticket is canceled 24 hours before the flight departure.

5. How can I change my SAS Airline booking?

You can change your reservation on the SAS Airline website by entering the booking reference number under the ‘My Bookings’ option. However, the changes of the SAS booking will be subject to the extra fee depending on the ticket type.
If the ticket is booked through via travel agent. Then in the case of changing the reservation you need to contact them directly or get in touch with the SAS customer service team.

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