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Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy

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Cancellation Related Details of Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways are a popular choice of passengers owing to several reasons. They not only provide you with affordable fares and hospitable environment but also you receive expert travel advice when you book through Qatar airways. You can easily track your baggage through your mobile device by utilizing Q-Tag technology. While it may give you several reasons to travel via Qatar airlines, it may be prudent to check the cancellation policies well in advance to avoid last-minute hassles for any plan change. In this article, we will make you more familiar with the Qatar Airways cancellation policy and cancellation related details. You can cancel Qatar airways ticket easily. 

Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy

Qatar Airways 24 Hour Cancellation

The 24 hours cancellation indicates:

If you cancel your Qatar Airways reservations within twenty-four hours and before the flight departure, then you may do so without paying any penalty

When your flight got cancelled or delayed by more than three hours, due to some issues carrier like a mechanical issue or some other issues by the aircraft, then you can get a full refund. However, if the ticket got cancelled due to unavoidable weather conditions then there will be no refunds applicable. 

Like most other airlines, Qatar also wants its passengers to opt for a future journey rather than a refund. Let’s check out some of the facts related to the claiming of vouchers:

According to the Qatar Airways cancellation policy, if you are travelling on or before September 30, 2020, then you can claim a non-refundable voucher to travel on a different date

  • If your ticket was partially utilized then you will be given a voucher for the partially utilised amount.
  • If your flight got cancelled due to some issues from the airline’s end like a mechanical issue or others then you are eligible for a full refund. No penalties will be charged for such situations.
  • The disruption and changes will be informed to you well in advance. You can get the below options:
  • The airline authorities will make the necessary arrangement of rebooking to a different flight without any additional cost
  • They can re-route you to another carrier flying to the same destination with some conditions applied.
  • Provide refund
  • Accommodation and transport facilities of hotels and others can be provided
  • The airline authorities may also inform you well in advance of the cancellation

Flight delays:

If your flight gets delayed the airline authorities will provide you with additional information within 30 minutes and you will get any of the below benefits:

  • Rebooking to the next available flight without any fees
  • Refund the ticket if your travel plans changed
  • Re-route you to the same destination by another carrier under some conditions
  • Providing hotel and transport facilities.

Depending on how much delay occurred the facilities may vary:

  • If your flight was delayed for two hours or more t departure then you can get free services like drinks, meals or communications. Hotel accommodation and transportation can also be provided in some situations.
  • If your flight was delayed for five hours or more at departure then you are entitled to a refund. You will not be provided with any other benefits under such a scenario.
  • If your flight is delayed and arrives 3 hours late then you can get financial compensation.
  • If your flight was overbooked and you were denied check-in because of that reason then also you are eligible for a refund in Qatar Airways. 

 Note if you book through a travel agent then you need to contact them for cancellations and refunds.

  • If you have booked non-refundable flight then no part of the fare will be refunded to you
  • If your ticket was combined with Flexi fares then the most restrictive rules will apply.
  • If you failed to check due to the absence of valid documents, the cancellation and no show fees should be collected.

Qatar Airways Ticket Cancellation – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to cancel flight ticket in Qatar airways?

Qatar airways booking cancellation process is quite easy and can be done sans souci.
If you have booked the ticket online then you can cancel following the below steps:
* Visit the official homepage and enter your details of reservation under my trips tab
* On the manage booking section, you can find the cancellation option.
* When you hit the cancellation button then your flight will be cancelled and a cancellation number will be generated.

2. What happens if the airlines themselves cancel the flight?

If the airlines’ authorities are themselves cancelling your flight then you will be provided with another substitute flight without paying any extra amount.
If your flight is delayed by three-four hours then the compensation will be reduced to around fifty per cent.

However, if the flight got cancelled due to natural conditions then there will be no compensation offered.

3. My flight is delayed by two hours. What facilities can I get?

If your flight is delayed for only two hours then you can get special services or assistance. Like drinks, meals or free communications. In some scenarios, the airline authority may also allow you hotel accommodation including transport from the airport to the hotel.

4. What happens when my flight is delayed for three or more hours?

If your flight arrives three hours late you are eligible for financial compensation in addition to the special benefits. If your flight is delayed for more than five hours then as per Qatar Airways cancellation policy you are eligible for a full refund. 

5. If I am travelling with an infant then will the cancellation penalties be applicable for him as well?

Yes, if you are travelling with an infant and if you cancel after 24 hours then you will have to pay the cancellation charge for yourself and the baby as well.

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