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Qantas Flight Cancellation

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Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited or QANTAS airways are currently the largest airlines of Australia. With its excellent customer support, pocket-friendly rates and superior quality services this airline has become the pioneer in the aircraft industry. The customer-centric attitude and operational reliability have helped the airline to reach the pinnacle of success. Currently, this aircraft is celebrating its hundred years of success. In this article we will explore the Qantas flight cancellation policy and other cancellation related details of Qantas airways:

Qantas Flight Cancellation

Qantas 24 Hour Cancellation Policy:

The Qantas 24 hour cancellation policy of the Qantas states that if you have booked your flight before seven days of the flight departure then you can claim the refund within 24 hours of purchase, incise you no longer wish to travel. The refund will be processed within seven days for payments via card and twenty days for payments via cash or cheque.         

You can claim the refund easily by contacting the customer care team. The customer care team consists of a team of qualified individuals who always provides you with timely resolutions to queries and concerns. You must check the eligibility of your refund before claiming the same. It will be prudent to read the terms and conditions before applying for a refund. 

Qantas ticket cancellation policy implies that if the entire ticket is unused then the entire amount will be refunded to you based on your eligibility. If part of the racket was utilized then the remaining amount will be paid to you after deducting the used amount.

Due to the COVID fiasco, the Qantas airways are giving many additional facilities on cancellation:

Domestic Flights:

Flights on or before 31st October 2020:

  • Qantas cancellation policy states that if your flight was on or before 31st October 2020 and if you wish to cancel your flight then
  • You can cancel and request for a flight credit before your scheduled departure
  • You can rebook and travel by 31st December 2022
  • In case of rebooking, we will waive off the additional fees if applicable.
  • Qantas flight cancellation policy states that if you had done your booking before 30 April 2020 for a flight that is scheduled to depart till 31st October 2020 then you can use the flight credit on multiple bookings.

Flights after 31st October 2020:

If your flights were scheduled after 31st October 2020 and you no longer wish to travel then you can enjoy the mellow below benefits:

  • You will obtain flight credit on cancellation and the credit ell is valid for travel within twelve months.
  • However, our fare rules may apply and you may be charged additional fees or charges depending on the terms and conditions. Also if your new booking exceeds the original amount then the additional increase in fare needs to be paid. 

International flights:

Flights on or before 31 October 2020

Qantas international cancellation policy states that for international flights if you wish to change your plans for flights on or before 31st October b2020 then you can enjoy the below facilities:

You can have your flight credit before your scheduled date of departure. You can then book and travel by another Qantas flight by 31st December 2022

You will be charged change fees and other differences in fees if applicable.

Flights after 31st October 2020:

If you have booked an international flight which is scheduled after b31st October 2020 then you can cancel and enjoy the below benefits:

You can get a credit and it will be valid for booking within 12 months of your original booking date.

However, the standard fare rules will be applicable in this case and you may be required to pay the additional fees if applicable.

Qantas Flight Cancellation – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to cancel the booking in Qantas?

If you had made the booking through the official website or the registered office in Qantas then you can cancel through the below process:
* Go to the official website of Qantas
* Click on ‘Manage Booking’
* Retrieve your booking
* Click on the cancellation button that appears next to your booking
Note if you had taken extra facilities like baggage allowance, meals etc. that will also be affected by your cancellation.
If you have done group booking then you must separate the group before you cancel.

2. What happens post-cancellation?

Post cancellation you will be given two options:
* The value will be refunded to you
* You will be given a flight credit. You can use this credit for your next booking.
* If you have any questions about flight booking then you can reach us. You can see the credit in ‘Your Booking ‘list. Flight credits with Qantas should be used on a flight of the same or higher value.

3. What happens if I make a mistake in booking?

Qantas gives you the option of same-day correction with no change fees which means that if you inform them about the changes on the same day of booking then it will be done without charging anything extra. The following things can be changed on the same day with no change fees:
* Name spelling
* Date, month or time of your flight
* Destination- to and fro
* Change gateways
* Change fare type or cabin

4. What happens if the flight got cancelled due to aircraft issues?

Flights can be cancelled or delayed due to mechanical problems or bad weather conditions, in such scenarios you can get compensation and other benefits depending on the reason for delay or cancellation.
If a delay or Qantas Flight cancellation happens within 72 hours of the departure time then Qantas authorities will rebook your flight on the next available aircraft with no additional charges. You can also get a refund in such a scenario. 
If the flight is delayed by two hours or more, due to mechanical or other aircraft issues, then you will be given a meal voucher.
If the delay or cancellation happens due to mechanical or other aircraft issues within twelve hours of original departure then you can get meal vouchers and accommodation facilities.

5. In what cases am I eligible for refund when the flight is cancelled?

You can get a refund in Qantas Airways under the below scenario:
* When we cancel your flight and we cannot make any other alternative arrangements
* If we delay the flight to such an extent that you are left with no other option but to cancel the flight
* If due to us, you miss the connecting Qantas flight in which you had a reservation.
* If you have a confirmed reservation with Qantas and still we are unable to carry you.

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