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Korean Air Flight Cancellation

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Zero Cancellation Charges on Korean Air Ticket Cancellation

Many airlines provide cancellation and refund policies to their passengers. One of them is Korean air airlines. Any Korean Air passenger can avail of this 24-hour cancellation policy. It helps the passengers to cancel their flight tickets in case of any emergencies and get a refund of the amount as well. However, the Korean Air cancellation policy can be a bit complicated. So make sure you have gone through all the terms and conditions before availing Korean Air flight cancellation policy services and products. This service is available 24 hours and in case of any doubt, a passenger can contact at the given customer care number on the official website of Korean Air.

Korean Air Flight Cancellation

Korean Air Cancellation Policy

  • According to the Korean Air flight cancellation policy, the passengers can easily cancel their booking flight tickets made with the concerned airline from seven days to one day before the scheduled flight departure.
  • In the case, when a passenger has a refundable ticket, he is eligible to get the Korean Air cancellation refund amount on his canceled flight ticket.
  • Passengers are liable to pay the Korean Air cancellation fee charges, in case, they have cancelled ticket after the granted time of 24 hours.

Korean Air 24-hour Cancellation Policy

Just like the other airlines, Korean Air also provides 24-hour cancellation policy to its passengers. This option allows passengers to cancel the Korean Air reservations flight ticket within the initial 24 hours of the ticket purchased. Also in such a case, passengers are not liable to pay and the Korean Air cancellation fee amount. This way the passengers can cancel their flight ticket on the same day they have purchased the ticket without paying any additional fee charges.

However, this policy only works, when there are seven days of a gap for the flight to take off along within the 24-hour condition.

In case any of the two statements do not apply, then passengers are liable to pay the additional flight cancellation fee charges. Also if both the conditions are verified, then the passenger can get a full Korean Air cancellation refund amount.

Korean Air Cancellation Fee

On making a cancellation, a certain fee is imposed on the ticket which the passenger has to pay. However, there are some terms and conditions where a passenger can be free from paying additional charges. Make sure you read about the cancelation and refund policy before making any request.

The fee imposed depends upon various factors such as flight departure time, the destination of the flight, cancelation timing, etc.

  • Passengers flying to any of the domestic destinations will not have to pay any cancellation fee on their canceled flight ticket.
  • Passengers flying to international destinations are liable to pay a certain amount of fee as cancellation charges depending upon various factors.
  • Lastly, if a passenger avails the option of a refund on the Korean Air cancellation fee, then it will be imposed on both domestic and international flights. The amount of fee will depend upon the kind of flight you are traveling with.

Korean Air Flight Cancellation – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to cancel the domestic flight ticket and get a refund for the same?

Yes, a passenger can cancel his domestic flight ticket. He will also be eligible to get a refund on the purchased ticket depending upon the conditions laid in the Korean Air cancellation policy.

2. How can I get a refund for an international ticket?

Requests for a refund on the international ticket can be applied through the official website of Korean Air. A passenger will be eligible to get a refund under such conditions:

* No record of changes has been made in the itinerary.
* A passenger who purchased the ticket should be logged in at the time of the request.
* Passenger can also request a refund through the service center.

3. What is the refund procedure if the ticket is purchased through a credit card?

The time it will take to process the refund on the purchased ticket depends upon the date of the credit card transaction and the time taken by the credit card company for processing. However, maximum it will take 1-4 weeks to reflect the refund amount in the account.

4. Is it possible to cancel the reservation of the ticket that has not paid for?

Yes, it is possible. A passenger can cancel his unsettled booking through the official website of Korean Air.

5. How will I be compensated in case of Korean Air flight cancellation?

Any damages or losses incurred during transit are compensated according to the conditions of Passenger Transport. For any further inquiry, a passenger can feel free to contact the service center.

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