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About WestJet Airlines

WestJet Airlines is one of the most popular air services in Canada. The airline was founded in 1996 and has grown immensely over the years. Unlike ordinary airlines, the air service offers a wide range of essential services online. For example, a client can visit the airline’s website to complete a WestJet reservations.

Apart from that, the airline offers other services online. One is free to nullify a WestJet booking online. No wonder customers rate it as the best airline in Canada and beyond.

WestJet Reservations Procedure

You’ll not get a better booking procedure than the WestJet reservations process. A customer can visit the airline’s official website to book a reservation. All you need to provide is both personal as well as the flight details. Below is a list of some of these essential details.

  • Full names
  • Destination
  • Type of ticket
  • Date of departure
  • Flight class

The second option at your disposal is to contact the airline’s customer service. Customer care agents will help you complete a WestJet flights booking. You’ll be glad to know that the agents will not charge you any extra charges.

WestJet Reservations

Available Ways of Booking a Flight

WestJet Airlines provides different ways of booking WestJet reservations. Firstly you can fill out a ticket booking form online. The process is not only fast but also highly reliable. If your booking is successful, you should receive an email notification. The exciting reality is that WestJet Airlines provides different online payment methods.

Secondly, you’re free to email the support team for WestJet booking. Please ensure that you include all the essential information in your email. Additionally, you must also ensure that you pay the booking fee in advance. The customer care agents will complete booking the reservation for you at no extra charges.

Thirdly, you can dial the airline’s customer care number. WestJet’s customer care is always ready and willing to offer services to their customers. You’ll be glad to know that the support team won’t demand extra payment for the service.

The fourth option available is to visit the airport to request a booking. However, the unfortunate thing is that this option may inconvenience you big time. Nonetheless, you’ll meet a team of the airline’s representatives who’ll help you in WestJet flight reservations.

WestJet Airlines Cheap Flights

Nobody would like to miss, WestJet cheap flights. Unlike other airlines, this airline offers many exclusive deals to customers. However, you must know that these offers are usually available during the peak season. For example, if one book group travel, they’ll enjoy irresistible discounts.

Interestingly, you can enjoy cheap vacation packages. Remember that you can book a hotel on the airline’s official website. If you use the airline’s credit card, you may enjoy many special offers. Why let this opportunity slip through your fingers? Inquire about the available exclusive deals before you book a flight.

Customers with Special Needs

WestJet Airlines accepts customers with special needs. All you need to do is to contact customer service in advance. You can call the toll free number +1-855-936-0304 for a WestJet reservations. The good news is that the airline allows customers with special needs to carry special equipment. Such equipment includes a wheelchair, crutches to mention but just a few.

WestJet Group Booking

Did you know that WestJet allows for a group booking? A group booking can only consist of between seven to ten members. However, you must understand that all the group members have to be of age. The good news is that group bookings draw more discounts than individual bookings.

You must contact customer service to book this WestJet reservations. Feel free to dial +1-855-936-0304 for booking assistance. You’ll be happy to know that all the members of a group have equal powers. Therefore, As per Westjet cancellation policy, in the case of ticket cancellation, each of you will receive a share of the repayment.

WestJet Airlines Policy on Pets

WestJet Airlines allows a customer to travel with a pet. Typically one must notify the airline when completing the WestJet booking. However, you must note that the airline only permits small dogs. Please notes that the airline prohibits pets when flying to some destinations. These destinations include;

  • London
  • Jamaica
  • Ireland
  • Hawaii
  • Barbados

In most cases, the airline expects that your pet is vaccinated. Please ensure that you take full responsibility for your pet. It is crucial to note that the airline does not tolerate any disruptive behavior. Additionally, you must ensure that you carry your pet in a small kennel. A client must put the enclosure under the passenger seat in front of them.

Today the airline expects a client to pay a service charge of between $50 to $59.The fee may depend on the kind of animal with which you wish to travel. Typically one must clear this fee when completing a WestJet reservations.

WestJet Airlines Refund Policy

Clients must understand the WestJet Airlines refund policy. The airline only processes refunds for eligible customers. For a client to be eligible, they must nullify the reservation at least a day before the set date of departure. You must the airline deducts a service fee from the paid WestJet flight reservations fee.

Generally, if you cancel the ticket within 24 hours, you’re eligible for a full refund. On the contrary, if you delay beyond that period, you’ll have to pay a flight cancellation fee. Please note that the airline takes between 7 to 14 business days to process repayment.

Additionally, you must know that the airline only refunds the client who submitted a WestJet booking. Therefore do not expect the airline to pay you on behalf of someone else. Customers must know that the airline will use the same payment method one used during booking.Unfortunately, it’s not possible to monitor the status of your refund. The only option available is to contact the support team to get an update. You ought to rest easy knowing that the airline will settle all genuine refund requests. As long as your WestJet reservations are legitimate, you’ll receive a refund.

Westjet Booking – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I nullify a WestJet Airlines ticket?

Yes, you can! The airline allows a client to revoke a WestJet reservations. At the moment, there are different effective ways of nullifying a booking. For instance, one can invalidate the reservation on the airline’s official website. The cancellation will reflect on your passenger’s account within no time.
Secondly, you’re free to get in touch with the airline’s customer care. The agents will help you nullify the booking at no additional fee. The exciting news is that if you cancel a valid ticket, you become eligible for a refund

2. Can I book an air ticket via a travel agency?

Yes, you can! The airline gives customers the freedom to choose how to book a flight. Therefore you can approach a travel agency to purchase a reservation. Technically most travel agencies sell very affordable air tickets. Not to mention, that they have friendly travel policies.
For example, one is free to nullify a booking for whatever reason. Similarly, a client can opt to modify a reservation if they so wish. However, you must know that the airline will charge you a small service charge.

3. Is it possible to know how much refund I deserve?

Usually, the amount of payable refund relies on when one nullifies the booking. For instance, if you revoke the reservation within 24 hours, you deserve a full refund. On the contrary, if you delay beyond 24 hours, you’ll need to pay a flight cancellation fee.
Remember that the airline will first deduct the service charge before they repay you. In some cases, the airline may charge a minimal refund fee. Apart from that, if you don’t show up for a flight, you’ll need to pay a no show fee.

4. Can I get a refund for an expired air ticket?

No, you can’t! WestJet Airlines only recognizes valid air tickets. Therefore if you nullify an expired flight, you won’t receive any refund. For your air ticket to be accurate, you need to cancel it before the set date of departure. After that date, the air ticket becomes non-cancellable and non-refundable.
You can contact customer service to find out your ticket’s day of refund. Some air tickets have longer validity than others.

5. Can I get a refund if I bought the air ticket in cash?

You’re free to pay for a WestJet reservations in cash. As long as your air ticket is valid, you deserve a repayment. Usually, the air ticket will expire after its validity expires. The airline would refund you even if you paid for the booking in cash. However, you must know that the airline rarely deals with hard cash.
If you bought the ticket in cash, you need to contact customer service for refund processing. Typically you’ll agree on the best method of repayment. However, you need to know that the airline will first deduct any applicable service charges.


Hundreds of clients love WestJet Airlines as they guarantee value for money. Apart from that, you’ll agree that the WestJet reservations process is fast and convenient. You’ll be glad to know that you can book a hotel on the airline’s official website. What a reliable airline!

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