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Are you about to travel and plan to book a flight with SunExpress? In this article, we have everything you need to know before you make your booking. Below, you’ll find vital information, including baggage allowance, cabin class, and some FAQs to help in making SunExpress reservations a smooth process for you, particularly if you’ll be flying on SunExpress for the first time.

About SunExpress

SunExpress is a well-known Turkish-German airline with its base in Antalya. The airline was established in October 1989 as a combined effort between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines. Currently, the airline is serving over 90 destinations in many parts of the world from its hubs Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport and Antalya Airport, among others. 

SunExpress Booking

You can make SunExpress reservations in many ways depending on your convenience. SunExpress online booking is one of these ways of booking a flight with the airline. It’s the most convenient method as you get to book a flight over the internet. Additionally, if you’re looking for a way to secure SunExpress cheap tickets, booking flights online will be one of the best means of finding discounted flights. 

SunExpress Online Check-in

If you don’t want to experience the check-in hassles at the airport or don’t have a lot of time for that, you can easily check-in your flights online on the airline’s website. This facility allows you to get your boarding pass with ease and fast. 

SunExpress Baggage Allowance

SunExpress permits passengers to have 1 piece of carry-on luggage for free. The luggage must have a maximum weight of 8kg and its dimensions must not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm.

For checked baggage, the airline allows maximum weight and dimensions free of charge depending on the type of SunExpress flights and the route the passenger will be flying to. If a passenger is flying to and from Germany, they can have 20kg max checked baggage on SUNECO, 25kg on SunClassic, and 30kg on SunPremium except in/out of some destinations where a passenger can be allowed 30kg in SUNECO, 35kg in SunClassic and 40kg in SunPremium. 

Passenger doing SunExpress booking flights to and from Turkey, they will be allowed to carry free checked baggage weighing 20kg in SUNECO, 25 in SunClassic and 30kg in SunPremium except in/out of some destinations where one can be allowed up to 30kg in SUNECO, 35kg in SunClassic and 40kg in SunPremium. Please read more about the baggage allowance on the SunExpress website. 

SunExpress In-flight Services

Do SunExpress book a flight and expect to enjoy high-end service onboard. Courtesy of the SunCafe, you’ll enjoy a selection of hot meals, sandwiches, nibbles, and snacks as well as non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks at a nominal fee for hungry passengers flying onboard SunExpress flights. SunCafe menu is accessible in the passenger’s front seat pocket. 

Classic culinary delights are available based on the flight fare level a passenger holds. If you want to go for the SunExpress cheap tickets, SunEco, you’ll be able to order a variety of meals onboard. You can also order meals beforehand from the SunLight Bistro Deluxe.  

If you’re on a SunClass fare level, you can expect to enjoy a sweet sandwich, a choice of 2 non-alcoholic drinks, and a chocolate bar. For SunPremium fare level passengers, there will be high-end hot meals depending on the passenger’s choice. The meal will be served along with two drinks on SunExpress flights within Turkey and two drinks on an international flight. 

Frequently Asked Questions on SunExpress Reservations

Where do I make seat reservations?

Passengers can make the SunExpress preliminary reservations of particular comfort or standard seats with extra legroom on the airline’s website.

Where can I get my reservation/booking confirmed?

You can easily reconfirm your flight by contacting the airline’s call center to speak to a staff member.

I need to book a group flight. Where can I book for 10 or more people?

To book a group flight, please get in touch directly with SunExpress’s group reservation service and you’ll get an individual offer ready for you.

How will I get my ticket when I book online?

SunExpress utilizes an e-ticket service (electronic ticket service). Upon SunExpress booking online, you’ll receive an email containing the confirmation of your booking. You can then utilize that confirmation to directly get your boarding pass during checking-in at the airport counter.

How much time before flight departure can I book excess baggage?

Booking excess luggage for an already booked flight is only where the reservation was made through, an authorized agency, or SunExpress call center. The extra booking can only be done until 3 hours before departure


SunExpress is a reputable airline that’s dedicated to ensuring all its passengers are satisfied with its services. From easy-to-make SunExpress reservations to the world-class airport and in-flight services, SunExpress aims to make sure that passengers enjoy a smooth flying experience. If you wish to ask any question that we might not cover in this article or clarification on any matter concerning a booking, contact the airline’s call center and speak to a staff member. The center is open 24 hours every day. 

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