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Mango Airlines is a low-cost airline of South Africa that has its hub at the OR Tambo International Airport. South African Airways is its mother organization. Headquartered at Kempton, South Africa, Mongo is currently flying to 8 destinations. Choose Mango Airlines reservations to be your travelling partner.

In this article, you’ll get the vital information you need to experience smooth Mango Airlines reservations, including online booking, online check-in, baggage allowance, cabin class, and FAQs. Let’s get started. 

Mango Airlines Online Booking

Mango Airlines online booking is a facility provided on Mongo Airline’s website to enable you to book flights over the internet. With this facility, you can save a great deal of time and enjoy unlimited convenience by booking flights to various destinations at any time. It’s also one of the best ways to find Mango Airlines cheap tickets as you can book flights in advance and enjoy discounted fares as well as special deals on availability. 

Mango Airlines Cabin Classes

Economy Class is so far the only Mango Airlines cabin class. When you do Mango Airlines book a flight, you can expect to enjoy a comfortable and relaxed flight. The airline’s aircraft is constantly updated to provide new and enhanced seats with enough legroom. There’s extra comfort that passengers can experience on select flights, however. Passengers are given an opportunity to choose a seat for their Mango Airlines flights for a small charge. 

Mango Airlines Online Check-In

Mango Airlines allow their passengers to check-in for their flights online by easily visiting the check-in page of the airline. The online check-in facility is open from 24 hours until 2 hours before the departure of the scheduled flight. In case a passenger does any modification to their booking and the flight is departing in the next 24 hours or less, they will need to check-in in person at the airport. 

Mango Airlines In-Flight Food 

While doing Mango Airlines booking, you might be expecting that the airline provides at least a selection of drinks and snacks. Surely, from crisps to fresh sandwiches, chocolate, and nuts, the airline offers something for passengers with a variety of drinks and snacks. Additionally, Mango Airlines provides beer, spirits, soft and hot drinks.  

Mango Airlines Baggage Allowance

For carry-on baggage, Mango Airlines allows passengers to carry up to 7kg of baggage weight with maximum dimensions as 36 x 23 x 56 cm. Additionally, the airline permits passengers to carry with them onboard 1 personal item such as a laptop, handbag, or a small bag. 

When it comes to checked baggage, passengers are allowed baggage allowance of up to 20kg. If a passenger is flying on Mango plus, they are allowed up to 30 kilograms of checked luggage. Passengers can also buy extra baggage if one needs to carry additional baggage. However, no single baggage piece can be permitted to weigh more than 32kg on all Mango Airlines flights

Mango Airlines In-Flight Entertainment

There’s an in-flight entertainment system (MangoTV) from which you can enjoy a selection of entertainment options, including news, travel shows, sports, and much more. The entertainment is enjoyed from a shared screen available in the cabin’s aisle. Each passenger is provided with a pair of headphones to plug into audio systems attached to the seats.  

Frequently Asked Questions on Mango Airlines reservations

1. What if my flight gets canceled, can I still book another airline?

If Mongo Airlines is unfortunately unable to offer a seat for a confirmed reservation, they will, at their discretion, provide refunds for all funds received for the ticket. Alternatively, the will place the passenger on the next flight. A passenger won’t be able to utilize the Mango Airlines ticket to travel on another airline.

2. Can I change the name after booking?

Yes. Mango allows name changes following a booking. You can easily do that online. However, please keep in mind that each booking change has an admin fee.  

3. I already paid for my seat reservation. Can I receive a refund?

Paid-for seat reservations aren’t refundable if the passenger cancels their flight and their ticket is non-refundable. The passenger changes their seat but the new seat is cheaper than the one they originally booked or isn’t charged. 

4. Is it possible for me to select a seat online?

Any available seat can be chosen without charge when the passenger checks-in for their flight. That’s typically 36 hours prior to the flight departure.

5. How do I book a group trip?

It’s possible to book a group trip on Mango Airlines. A group is considered to contain at least 10 people. You can follow this link to learn more about trip group booking. 


Doing Mango Airlines reservations is easy using the intuitive online platform. You can reserve a seat to your favorite destination at any time, anywhere. Do you have any other questions regarding booking flights, get in touch with Mango Airlines customer care at +1-855-936-0304 in South Africa.   

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