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Mahan Air (Mahan Airlines) is a private Iranian airline with its base in Tehran, Iran. The airline operates both scheduled local and international flights to various parts on the globe, including Middle East, the Far East, Europe and Central Asia covering up to 54 destinations, currently. Mahan Air Reservations is the best choice to book you flight tickets online.

Mahan Air has been in operation since its establishment in June 1992. It operates from its hubs Mehrabad International Airport and Imam Khomeini International Airport. Its fleet consists of 5 A300-600R, 8 As310-300, 7 Airbus A340-600, 5 Airbus A340-300, 3 Avro RJ85, 7 Avro RJ100 and 1 Boeing 747-300 aircraft. So, planning to make Mahan Air reservations soon? Well, this is what you need to know, first.

Mahan Air Online Booking

Mahan Air online booking is a facility where passengers can book Mahan Air flights over the internet through the airline’s official website. There, you can do a lot more than just booking. For instance, you can avail the best deals and discounts on flight tickets as soon as they are available. You can also book in advance at your convenience without walking out of your home or office.

Mahan Air Cabin Classes 

If you’re looking for Mahan Air cheap tickets, traveling in the Economy Class will be one way of achieving this. You’ll still be able to enjoy great facilities and service from the airline’s high-trained cabin crew. Each passenger in this class can choose from a variety of snacks and beverages from the in-flight menu of the airline. 

Each seat in Economy cabin Class is equipped with a 42 inches screen to help the passenger enjoy watching live pilot camera footage landing and taking off. The seats feature a pitch of 31 inches to offer enough comfort and sufficient legroom for all passengers. 

To enjoy extra luxury, you got to do Mahan Air book a flight in the Business Class. Passengers in this cabin will be receiving outstanding standards of services that exceed customer’s Business Class expectations. 

Both International and Iranian cuisine is served at the classic catering facility of the airline to ensure passengers can indulge themselves onboard throughout the journey. If you want a full in-flight menu, you can expect to be served with keenly chosen drinks of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.   

All Mahan Air Business Class cabins have a 4-inch LED television screen showing live camera pilot take-off and landing. Moreover, if you’re traveling on a long-haul international flight, you can watch a selection of films and unlimited entertainment from your TV monitor. You’ll be offered an amenity kit, pillow and a blanket.

The seats in this class are developed to provide almost comfort. They feature a fully adjustable footrest and headrest as well as provide additional legroom to enable passengers to stretch out.

Mahan Air Online Check-In

Besides Mahan Air booking, check-in is another service you can enjoy one. This is important when you don’t want to experience the hassles of checking-in at the airport. Online check-in can be availed from 24 hours prior to flight departure.

For passengers traveling to international destinations with this airline, check-in online is available for travelers flying to Imam Khomeini airport. On local destinations within Iran, check-in online is only availed to passengers traveling from Kerman & Shiraz, Sari & Tehran, Zahedan & Qeshm, Ahvaz, Mehrabad, Mashhad, Bandar Abbas, Sirjan & Isfahan, and Khorraamabad & Ilam. 

Mahan Air Baggage Allowance

Mahan Air allows a carry-on baggage of 7kg for free for passengers holding Business Class tickets. For Economy Class travelers, the airline allows a carry-on baggage of 5kg. The carry-on baggage (hand baggage) shouldn’t be bigger than 23 x 40 x 55 cm.

When it comes to checked baggage, Mahan Air allows not more than 30kg of baggage weight and must have a dimension of not more than 158 cm linearly.

Frequently Asked Questions on Mahan Air reservations

What is required of me to book a flight with Mahan Air online?

To easily book a flight online, all you need is an internet connection and a Shetab Debit Card.

Can I make any changes or cancellation on group reservation online?

When it comes to Group Reservations, if you need to cancel or do any modification to your itinerary, it’s recommended that you contact the customer care for assistance.

I canceled my flight ticket but I haven’t received the money in my account. What am I to do?

All refund money will be transferred into a passenger’s account within 72 hours after receipt of your refund request. If you don’t receive your money, please contact +1-855-936-0304 for enquiry.

I booked my flight online. Should I go to the airport directly or should I first make a print of your ticket?

You can go directly to the airport holding your reservation number or you can print the ticket.

I would like to get some assistance at the airport. What should I do?

Mahan Air offers assistance at the airport to people with special needs and difficulties. If you need any help please contact the airline in advance.


Hopefully, that’s all you needed to know for now in order to proceed with your Mahan Air booking smoothly. If there’s a question we haven’t answered for you in this article, please get in touch with the airline via the Mahan Air reservations number +1-855-936-0304 for assistance. 

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