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Lufthansa Airlines is among the best airlines in Germany. The airline was established in 1953 but started its operations two years later. Surprisingly, the air service boasts of an eye-popping fleet size of 277. You’ll be glad to know that this airline flies to over 200 different destinations spread across the world. No wonder the airline draws hundreds of thousands of passengers yearly.

Unknown to some people, the airline offers a wide range of services online. You must have heard about the Lufthansa reservations process. If you haven’t, worry not as this blog will touch on it briefly. 

Lufthansa Airlines Booking Procedure

How can one book Lufthansa reservations? Technically, there are various ways of booking a ticket. Firstly you can quickly complete the booking on the airline’s official website. Interestingly, the airline provides multiple online payment methods. Therefore, it’s possible to complete the booking process on the airline’s official website.

Lufthansa Airlines online booking process is not only fast and convenient but also reliable. Interestingly, the airline will email you an email notification if your booking is successful. Another option available is to contact customer service to complete the booking for you.

Customer care agents can book Lufthansa flight tickets for clients. The exciting news is that the representatives won’t charge you extra fees for the service. Not to mention, that they’ll book for you within minutes.

A few customers prefer to visit the airport to request a booking. You’ll meet a warm and friendly team of Lufthansa Airlines representatives. The unfortunate fact is that this booking option is not convenient for you.

Lufthansa Reservations

Lufthansa Airlines Group Bookings

Customers are at liberty to book group travel. However, you must know that the team must consist of at least ten members or more. Ensure that you pay for the booking fee through bank transfer or a credit card. Additionally, you must provide all the names of group members during Lufthansa Airlines online booking.

The truth is that members can opt to nullify such booking for whatever reason. If your air ticket is valid, you’re entitled to a refund. You usually must pay the booking fee within seven days after submitting the booking request. 

Travel Pet Policy

Technically you’re free to book a reservation for your pet. At the moment, the airline only allows domestic cats and dogs. It would help if you carried your pet in a well-ventilated carrier. The carrier must not exceed the dimensions 55 cm by 40 cm by 23 cm. Please note that the pet’s container must both be watertight as well as bite proof. Remember that the airline does not intend to risk the lives of fellow passengers.

Kindly ensure that you book a Lufthansa reservations for your pet. Appealingly, you can book the air ticket on the airline’s official website. Alternatively, you can contact the support team to book the flight.

Clients with Special Needs

Unlike other airlines, Lufthansa Airlines offers special services to clients with special needs. All you need to do is to inform customer service during Lufthansa Airlines online booking. The airline will ensure that you get the specialized services that you need. For instance, if you have communication challenges, the airline will assign an assistant to you. 

That is not to suggest that you cannot travel with your attendant. You’re free to book an air ticket for him or her and visit together. Interestingly, the airline allows clients to go with special equipment. In most cases, the airline won’t charge you for these items. 

Lufthansa Airlines Flight Change Policy

Can I modify Lufthansa reservations? Yes, you can! The airline gives you the freedom to choose to nullify the booking, if you so wish. However, you must know that the flight change policy only applies to valid air tickets. Therefore, you must ensure that your air ticket is valid before you change it. 

Factually speaking, the policy offers different ways of changing a flight. Firstly, you can get in touch with customer service to request a flight modification. Secondly, you can complete the simple process on the airline’s official website.

Lufthansa Airlines Refund Policy

The beauty of this airline is that it has an elaborate refund policy. One can request a refund if they no longer wish to travel. However, you must know that the refund policy only recognizes valid air tickets. Therefore you must cancel the Lufthansa reservations, before the booking expires. Each air ticket has a fixed validity period.

Once the air ticket expires, it becomes both non-refundable and non-cancellable. Therefore, you cannot get a refund for it. It may interest you to know that the airline will first deduct any applicable service charges. As a result, you’ll only receive the final amount after all the necessary deductions. As long as your Lufthansa flight tickets are valid, you must receive repayment.

Usually, the airline uses the same payment method one used to repay you. Additionally, the air service will pay the exact client who had booked the flight.

Lufthansa Airlines Contacts

Do you have any questions or compliments? Breathe easy as you can quickly reach customer care. Additionally, you can contact the support team to book a Lufthansa reservations. Please feel free to call +1-855-936-0304 for immediate help.

Furthermore, you can contact customer service to lodge a complaint. The agents will take time to investigate before they get back to you. In case of any inconvenience, you can claim a handsome compensation.

Lufthansa Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the airline guarantee my comfort while onboard the plane?

Firstly you’ll be glad to know that Lufthansa Airlines has plenty of airhostesses working for them. For this reason, you can request them to serve you with a drink or food if you so wish. Apart from that the airline also has well-cleaned washrooms. For this you can visit the place, if you need to respond to the call of nature.
You’ll be happy to know that the airline takes special care of passengers with special needs. However, you’ll have to request for special assistance when make Lufthansa booking the flight. Therefore you ought to cheer up knowing that your comfort is the airline’s first priority.

2. How can I access the fare rules of the air ticket I wish to book?

Technically the airline provides different fare rules for the ticket. For this reason you wish to click on the specific booking. You’ll get to see all the important booking rules that you need. Kindly know that the airline does not compromise on any of these rules. For this reason you have no choice but to abide by them.
For example, some rules dictate that a given air ticket is non-refundable. This policy implies that you cannot get a repayment even if you strictly follow the refund and Lufthansa cancellation policy. Reading the policies helps one to make an informed decision during booking. Thus, never ignore these rules, read them first.

3. Can I book an international flight? Does the airline only fly to local destinations?

Technically, the airline flies to both local and international destinations. However, you must understand that international flights are quite costlier. Unknown to some people, the travel policies apply to both domestic and international destinations.
Below is a list of some of the international destinations the airline covers.
* Algeria
* Argentina
* Austria
* Belgium
* Brazil
* Canada
* Cameroon
* Denmark
* Finland
* France

4. What should I do if I misspell my name while booking a Lufthansa reservations?

The best thing to do is to inform customer service. The customer care agents will help you to edit the name. Remember that once you submit the booking you cannot re-edit it.However that does not imply that you should stick on the erroneous name. 
Lufthansa Airlines gives customers a window during which you can request editing. However in case of group bookings it’s possible for the client to re-edit if necessary. Lufthansa Airlines encourages clients to cross-check their details before they submit it.
This strategy will aid at preventing any possibility of submitting erroneous details. Do not be in a hurry when booking your money. Remember that any serious error may easily lead you to lose your hard-earned travel funds.

5. What should I do if my booking fee payment does not reflect?

You have no reason to worry as customer care agents are there to assist you. Please ensure that you only use the forms of payment included on the website. In case the payment does not reflect informing the support team. Kindly ensure that you offer them the correct booking confirmation code.
Customers need to know that it takes a few minutes for the payment to reflect on the system. You ought to also check whether you received an email confirmation message. In case you got it you have no reason to worry as that means that your payment was successful.


Lufthansa Airlines provides everything that potential customers look for in an airline. You must have noticed that the Lufthansa reservations process is quick. Apart from that, you’ll also release that the air tickets are unbelievably affordable. What a fantastic airline!

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