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LATAM Colombia (LATAM Airlines Colombia) is the second-largest airline in Colombia. The carrier operates both scheduled regional and domestic flights as well as domestic cargo flights. It was established in February 1981 and since then it has grown to great heights. Its head offices are in Bogota, Colombia. The airline operates from its hub El Dorado Luis Carlos Galan Sarmiento International Airport. Some of its fleets include Airbus A319-100 and Airbus A320-200s. LATAM Colombia is currently a member of Oneworld. Latam Colombia reservations is best

If you’re about to book a flight with this airline and looking for some information regarding LATAM Colombia reservations, don’t worry; this article has got your cover.

LATAM Colombia Booking  

Doing LATAM Colombia booking is easy. There are several ways through which you can do that. First, you can call the airline’s Help Center 1-866-435-9526 and you’ll be helped to do the booking. Next, you can book your flight via a travel agency near you. LATAM Colombia online booking is the third way of booking. It’s also the most convenient means because you get to do it over the internet. If you also want to find cheap tickets and discounts, booking online and in advance will be a wise move. 

LATAM Colombia Cabin Classes

The most basic class on LATAM Colombia is the Economy. The class is available on every flight and is one of the ways of enjoying LATAM Colombia cheap tickets. Some of the facilities you’ll enjoy here include a full in-flight menu and you can make an order on both long and short-haul flights. On long-haul trips, passengers can enjoy an amazing in-flight entertainment system as all economy seats have back-seat TVs. The seats in this class can be relined to offer maximum comfort. They are well-padded and provided sufficient legroom. 

LATAM Colombia Premium Economy is exclusively available on flights offered by Airbus A320 or Airbus A319. When you do LATAM Colombia book a flight on this class, you can enjoy increased luggage allowance, priority boarding, check-in, baggage collection, and disembarkation. You’ll be able to enjoy your own TV screen, and charge your devices with a charging port situated at every seat. The class is situated in a separate area of the cabin for enhanced privacy. The seat in the middle is left empty to allow passengers to enjoy extra space.  

You can also book LATAM Colombia flights in Business Class (Premium Business) class if you want to enjoy an extra luxury. You can access the airport lounges of the airline and enjoy check-in, baggage collection, and boarding on a priority basis. You can also relax and enjoy watching TV on your personal 15.4 inches high-resolution screen. There’s also an in-flight menu and order complimentary meals and unlimited alcoholic as well as soft drinks anytime.

The seats in this class are equipped with touch control pads utilized in adjusting the position of the back, head, and foot of your seat. To enjoy additional privacy, every seat features a personal shutter and a personal workspace. The seats are set out in a 1 x 2 x 1 configuration, wide enough and recline fully if you need them to. 

LATAM Colombia Baggage Allowance

LATAM Colombia allows a (carry-on) max of 8kg in weight and routes with origin and destinations within Brazil having a 10 kg weight allowance for Economy Class. For Business Class and Premium Economy, the carry-on weight of baggage is 16kg maximum. Maximum dimensions per every carry-on item must be 55 x 35 x 25 cm. 

For checked baggage, LATAM Colombia allows free baggage depending on the route and the fare. The max allowed dimensions for every checked luggage is 23 kilograms and 158 linear dimensions. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Latam Colombia reservations

What will happen if I have a regional flight and then a connection locally?

The regional leg features the traditional onboard food service, and on the local leg, you’ll enjoy the LATAM Market onboard buying service. If you’re having a regional flight and then a local connection, you’ll have the traditional onboard service on the regional flight and the LATAM Market on the local one. 

Is it possible to change or return my upgrade to another ticket?

No. Upon the confirmation of your Upgrade, refunds and changes can’t be made.

How do I pay for the Upgrade?

The upgrade can be paid for using a credit card only.

What if my credit card gets rejected?

If a passenger’s credit card gets rejected when an Upgrade is granted to them, their offer will be valid no more.

What happens if I can’t use my category upgrade due to flight cancellation or delay?

If the cancellations or delays are as a result of operational, services or security reasons, force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, passengers can request refunds for the entire amount paid for their upgrade. In that case, the passengers have to request a refund through the LATAM contact center. 


Do you want to know more than we have mentioned in this article? Well, contact LATAM Colombia reservations or Call Center using the number mentioned above and you’ll receive the help you need. 

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