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KLM Airlines is a highly respected airline in the Netherlands. The air service was founded in 1919 and has proven its worth throughout the years. As you can rightly guess, the headquarters of the air service is in Amstelveen in the Netherlands. You won’t believe this; the airline flies to over 140 different destinations across the world.

Interestingly customers can enjoy immense online services. For instance, it’s possible to book KLM reservations on the airline’s official website. Apart from that, you can conveniently nullify a KLM booking online. This captivating blog will disclose essential KLM travel policies that you can’t afford to ignore.

KLM Airlines Ticket Booking

Customers prefer KLM Airlines as it accommodates both online and offline air ticket booking. Firstly a client can quickly complete the ticket booking process online. All you need to do is to follow the simple on-screen instruction. More importantly, you must provide all the required information to complete KLM booking successfully.

If your booking is successful, you ought to receive an email notification. Alternatively, you can opt to request help via email. Customer care agents will note your request and book the flight for you. However, please ensure that you settle the booking fee first and include all the relevant details in the email.

A few clients prefer to call the KLM reservations number +1-855-936-0304 to request for help. The exciting news is that customer care agents are allowed to book KLM flight tickets for clients. Therefore, you can quickly request this service from customer service. Interestingly the agents will reserve the flight for you within minutes.

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KLM Airlines Group Travel Policy

You can reserve a group booking with KLM Airlines if you so, please. However, a group must comprise at least ten members or more. Please note none of the group members can be less than two years old. The beauty of this kind of KLM booking is that you enjoy flexible ticket options.

Please call the KLM reservations number +1-855-936-0304 to complete this booking. Customer care agents will give you a step-by-step guide on how to do it. Customers may not know this; group booking gives you time to make a decision. If you still insist on the booking, you need to confirm the reservation to alert the airline.

All the group members need to travel on the same flight. If you decide to nullify the booking, each member is entitled to an equal share of the booking fee.

Amazing KLM Airline’s Policy on Pregnancy

Pregnant women are free to book KLM flight tickets. However, the airline discourages women who are over eight months pregnant from booking a flight. Please ensure that you inform the customer support of your pregnancy in advance. The airline will make arrangements to get a special assistant for you.

The airline takes exceptional care of pregnant women just like they do for passengers with special needs. The customer must carry a pregnancy statement from their respective doctor. The statement must disclose the due date as well as other personal details. Failure to present this document, the airline, may quickly nullify your KLM booking.

Remember that the airline wouldn’t want to endanger either your life or that of your unborn baby. The fantastic news is that you’re free to travel with your assistant. However, you need to reserve a flight for them and notify the customer support.

Reasonable KLM Policy on Delayed Flights

Typically KLM rarely delays flights for the customers. However, if your flight delays for over 3hours, you may claim compensation. Typically if a natural occurrence such a storm necessitates the delay, you won’t get any compensation. Amazingly, the airlines always notify clients of a flight delay in advance. Therefore customers have no reason to regret booking KLM reservations.

KLM Airlines Policy on Smoking

The airline allows one to carry an e-smoker while traveling. Unfortunately, KLM Airlines does not tolerate in-flight smoking. No wonder, clients prefer KLM reservations. Remember that smoking affects other passengers. In most cases, some customers shun airlines that condone smoking while on a flight. Therefore if you’re an active smoker, you need to smoke at the designated zone before the flight.

KLM Policy on Illegal goods

KLM Airlines does not facilitate the transportation of illicit items. No wonder, you must present your suitcase for inspection. For example, do not expect to transport drugs or elephant horns via KLM Airlines. If they detect any illegal item, they’ll immediately nullify your KLM booking. Unfortunately, you may not get a refund for that.

KLM Airlines Travel Pet Policy

KLM Airlines allows a client to travel with their pet. However, you must know that your animal needs to be at least ten weeks. Additionally, you must ensure that you carry the pet in a well-ventilated carrier. The airline recommends a container with dimensions 46 by 28 by 24. Customers need to book KLM flight tickets for their pets.

Nowadays, the air service charges a pet fee of between EUR 20 to a maximum of EUR200. Passengers need to put the pet carrier under the seat in front of them. Please ensure that your animal remains calm and non-disruptive. Unknown to some passengers, the airline does not include the pet’s food and water in a KLM booking.

Therefore you need to carry food and water for your animal. However, you must note that the airline prohibits feeding in some hours. Feel free to inquire from the cabin crew when and where to feed your pet. They’ll guide you appropriately.

Flight Change Policy

What should I do if I wish to cancel a KLM booking? This air service gives you the freedom to modify a reservation. Technically, there are different ways of altering your reservation. Firstly, you can quickly complete the process on the airline’s official website.

Alternatively, you can call the KLM reservations number +1-855-936-0304 to request a flight change service. Ordinarily, the customer care agents won’t charge you for the service. However, you need to note that the airline charges a flight change fee.

Usually, the airline charges a flight change fee of at least $120.You can settle this service charge in cash if you visit the airport.

Read KLM cancellation policy for flight change.

KLM Airlines Contacts

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the customer center for immediate assistance. Did you know customer care agents can reserve a KLM booking for you? Feel free to call +1-855-936-0304 for specialized help. Customers will be glad to know that the airline won’t charge you an extra fee for the services. People are at liberty to request customer care to nullify KLM reservations for you, if you no longer wish to travel.

KLM Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I carry my e-cigarette?

No, you can’t! The airline has a stringent policy on in-flight smoking. KLM booking policy prohibits any passenger or staff from smoking while on board the plane. Kindly note that the airline takes time to inspect both travelers and their baggage. Therefore no one can sneak in an e-cigarette.

2. Must I book a separate reservation for my assistant?

Yes, you must! Remember that group booking can only consist of at least ten group members. Please ensure that you first gather all the relevant documents of your assistant. KLM Airlines encourages clients to notify them if they wish to travel with a personal assistant.
It may interest you to know that the airline assigns seats randomly. Therefore unless you notify them early, you won’t sit adjacent to your helper. Prior notification helps them to assign your seats expectedly for your comfort.

3. Will the airline takes any stern action against me when I smoke during the flight?

Anyone who books KLM flight tickets must refrain from in-flight smoking. Remember that smoking may affect every passenger onboard. Let’s agree everyone deserves to be comfortable while flying with KLM Airlines. If a staff catches you smoking, the first thing they do is ensure that you cease that immediately.
After that, the airline may penalize you for flouting its policy. Don’t forget that customer care has all the relevant details. Additionally, the airline reserves the right to take legal action against you for this or any other grievous misdeed.

4. Must I pay the reservation fee for my booking, the same day I book it?

Yes, you must! However, the airline is lenient on those who book group travel. Please note that you need to pay the booking fee before you submit a KLM booking. Interestingly, the airline offers several online payment options.

5. Does KLM Airlines fly internationally?

Yes, it does! As mentioned at the beginning, the airline flies to nearly 150 different destinations, both local and international. Below is a list of some of the international places the airline covers.
* Austria
* Australia
* Belgium
* Brazil
* Canada
* China
* Costa Rica


Some people wonder why thousands of customers prefer KLM Airlines. Firstly you’ll be glad to know that the KLM booking procedure is followable and straightforward.Apart from that, the airline has the best travel policies. Not to add, that the airline has the best customer service.

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