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About Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways is Kenya’s flag carrier and the largest airline in the country. It has been in operation since its establishment in 1977 after the East African Airways was dissolved. The airline’s head office is situated at Embakasi, Nairobi and its main hub is at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport a few kilometers southeast of Nairobi City. Kenya Airways had a fleet size of 45 aircraft by 2017 and covered an area of 250 international destinations. The company has codeshare agreements with airlines such as Air France, Aeroflot, Etihad Airways, Jet Airways, Alitalia, and Korean Air among others. This Kenyan carrier serves over 58 cities across the globe, including Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Making Kenya Airways reservations is easier than ever thanks to the introduction of the online facility on its official website. 

Kenya Airways Reservations

Kenya Airways Online Facility

As mentioned, making reservations on Kenya Airways is easier, quicker, and more convenient on its official website. Apart from ticket reservations, customers can also avail of a range of services anytime, anywhere they are. Kenya Airways online booking is one of the services that ensure a lot of convenience for many customers. 

If you wish to perform Kenya Airways flight check-in, you can easily do so by hovering the cursor on the “Prepare For Travel” tab on the airline’s website and then choosing the “Check-in Online” option. You’ll be required to follow the on-screen instructions by filling up the necessary and correct details to obtain the information. By doing the same way, you can also check your flight status and much more. 

Other services you can avail online on Kenya Airways’ website include managing Kenya Airways booking, book flights to different destinations, and access any information you need about cancellation, refund, baggage and more. You can also access all the services by downloading the Kenya Airways app for android and iOS on Play Store and App Store respectively. 

Kenya Airways 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

According to this policy, any cancellation performed within 24 hours of Kenya Airways booking will be fully refunded without any cancellation fee. However, if a passenger cancels their tickets beyond the 24-hour grace period, cancellation charges will apply as per the policy. The amount of the cancellation charges depend on the distance of the passenger’s journey, cabin class, and other factors.

Passengers are allowed to perform cancellation of Kenya Airways flight tickets online on the official website of the airline. Passengers should ensure they fulfill all the conditions for a refund before requesting the same. Passengers can contact the Kenya Airways reservations department for more information regarding the cancellation. 

Kenya Airways Baggage Allowance

Baggage allowance on Kenya Airways depends on your route and the class of your ticket. For passengers traveling through Africa America/Europe route and in Business class, they are allowed to carry 2pc 32kg maximum each and 2pc 23kg maximum each for Economy Class through the same route.

For passengers traveling through Africa Middle East/Asia route (including Bangkok Guangzhou), they are allowed to carry 2pc 32kg maximum each for Business Class and 2pc 23 kg maximum each for Economy Class.

For passengers traveling within Africa, they can bring on board 2pc 32kg maximum each for Business Class and 2pc 23kg maximum each for Economy Class. All domestic travels are allowed 1pc 32kg each maximum for Business Class and 1pc 23kg maximum each for Economy Class. Frequent flyers enjoy the advantage of an extra piece on board on both flight classes. For more information about baggage allowance and restrictions, check out here.

Kenya Airways Reservations- Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I obtain a refund after canceling my Kenya Airways ticket?

For Kenya Airways book flight on, a passenger can obtain their refund online by choosing the “Manage My Booking”. However, for tickets obtained through the “Kenya Airways Direct Office” and “Contact Center” passengers are advised to contact any local office or Global Contact Center for refund. For tickets procured through travel agents, you should contact the agent to claim your refund.

2. How soon are refund requests processed?

Kenya Airways issues refunds for all eligible tickets within 14 working days if a passenger purchased the tickets using a credit or debit card. However, more delays may be experienced on the side of the bank processing. For refunds offered in the form of a travel voucher, processing them might take up to 21 days.

3. What the Kenya Airways’ refund policy on tickets with different branded fare?

If a passenger’s ticket involves over one branded fare, restrictive fare rules are going to apply to your entire itinerary.

4. Can I still get a refund if I cancel a non-refundable Kenya Airways ticket?

Passengers are given a year from the original issue date of the ticket to reschedule their travel without losing the entire ticket value (minus any change fees applicable).

5. Can I request a refund owing to flight delays or cancellations?

Yes. If Kenya Airways canceled your flight and did not give you’re an alternative flight, you can request a refund by filling this refund request online. Also, if you canceled your flight due to delay for over 8 hours and it was Kenya Airways’ responsibility, you can request a refund by filling this other form.


Kenya Airways offers world-class travel services to all its customers across the globe. You can easily make your Kenya Airways reservations online anytime. If there’s any question we haven’t answered in this article, kindly contact the Kenya Airways customer care for assistance through the number +1-855-936-0304.  

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