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Jin Air is a low-cost airline in South Korea. The airline operates both domestic and regional flights to about 32 destinations in various parts of the globe. Jin Air has made tremendous steps over the years and in December 2015; it was able to launch its first long-haul flight between Honolulu and Incheon. The airline serves its customers from its hubs Incheon International Airport, Gimpo International Airport, Ginhae International Airport, and Jeju International Airport. Its headquarters are in Gangseo-gu Seoul, South Korea. Since you’re about to make Jin Air reservations for your next trip, the following information will be useful to you.

Jin Air Fleet

As mentioned, Jin Air is a low-cost airline. It, therefore, utilizes wide-body aircraft in operating its flights allowing passengers to avail Jin Air cheap tickets to the various destinations. Jin Air’s flight comprises Boeing 777-200ER and 737-800. 

Jin Air Frequent Flyer Program

Passengers on this airline are provided with an opportunity to earn Nabi Points upon purchasing Jin Air flights. They can then utilize the corrections to buy future flights. A passenger is able to correct points for each one-way flight bought. Passengers can correct more points in case of international flights. 

Jin Air Booking

It’s easy and convenient to do Jin Air booking. There are multiple ways of doing this. First, you can take advantage of the Jin Air online booking facility provided on the airline’s website and reserve a seat anytime, anywhere you’re. You can also do Jin Air reservations via a travel agency or by calling Jin Air’s phone number +82 2-1600-6200 for assistance. 

Jin Air Cabin Classes

There’s only one cabin class on Jin Air currently – Economy Class. However, passengers can still enjoy a world-class travel experience in this class. There’s entertainment with Jin Air’s magazine and SkyShop Dute-Free catalog. Wi-Fi and tablets are available onboard. 

The seats in this class are spacious and very comfortable with enough legroom. Jin Air also provides JIN PLUS seats, which are bigger and available at a small extra cost. The seats are 25 cm wider than the rest of the seats. 

Jin Air In-Flight Entertainment

Passengers are offered a selection of entertainment options including a variety of TV programs, movies, and music in-flight entertainment systems of Jin Air (JINI Entertainment). To utilize this system, passengers can download the JINI PlAY application to their Android or iOS devices before the flight and while onboard, connect to JINI Entertainment via WIFI.  

The Jin Air in-flight entertainment system operates on the basis of the pay-as-you-go. Upon selection of the entertainment that you wish to enjoy, you’ll be redirected to a payment page on which you can complete the buying to access your entertainment. 

Jin air Food In-Flight

Jin Air provides a selection of sandwiches and hot meals that are Korean Cuisine inspired, and also a few international dishes. Meals are offered on a complimentary basis on long-haul Jin Air flights and on short-haul flights, they are subject to availability. There’s a wide range of drinks and snacks available on order.

Jin Air Baggage Allowance 

Passengers are permitted 1 piece of carry-on baggage weighing at 12kg maximum and must have 115 cm combined dimensions. Additionally, passengers can carry 1 small personal item like a handbag, laptop case, or coat. 

For checked baggage, passengers can carry baggage depending on the destination they are flying to. The age of a passenger is also another factor that counts when it comes to the amount of checked baggage allowed. You can find more information about the same on the Jin Air website. 

Jin Air Reservations- Frequently Asked Questions

Can I select my seat in advance?

Yes! Passengers are offered a pre-seating facility at the ticketing point and upon the payment. Once the passenger has paid for their ticket, they can also buy a service online via Jin air website 24 hours before the flight.

Can I get a refund on the same day of ticket booking?

For international Jin Air flights, if a passenger procures a ticket via Jin Air reservations desk (customer care), branch office, or official website, the refund fee won’t be applied within 24 hours of booking

How is Jin Air No-Shows treated?

There’s a No-Show penalty applied regardless of the time of booking. Once the passenger has confirmed the buying of their ticket, they are advised to contact the travel agency if they have booked via a travel agent.

Can I transfer my ticket to another passenger?

Jin Air tickets are only offered for the person who’s issued the ticket and it can’t be transferred. 

What if I realize that I am pregnant very late? Can you waive my refund fee?

Jin Air can waive your refund fee if you can prove your pregnancy clearly and stating your pregnancy’s date for confirmation. There’s no waive for the refund charge after the pregnancy confirmation date.


Jin Air is one of the most popular low-cost airlines in the world. The fact that it’s able to travel to at least 30 destinations across the globe means that you can rely on it for your next trip. Hopefully, this article will help you with the Jin Air reservations. Contact customer care through the number mentioned above if you have any further questions. 

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