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Jetairfly is a reputable Belgian airline with its hub in Brussels Airport founded by Gerard Brackx. The carrier’s parent organization is the TUI Group. Its headquarters are in Ostend, Belgium. Currently, the airline flies to 134 destinations across the world. So if you want to travel then Jetairfly reservations is the best choice that you can make.

If you’re planning to make Jetairfly reservations, we have provided some vital information to help you in the process, below.

Jetairfly Booking

There are various methods through which you can make Jetairfly booking. One of the most convenient ways is over the Internet on the airline’s official website. The Jetairfly online booking provides the convenience of reserving flights anywhere 24/7. Through this online facility, a passenger can book their flights in advance and enjoy Jetairfly cheap tickets to various destinations.

Jetairfly Flight Check-in 

Passengers can check-in online or at the airport, in person. Checking-in at the airport can be done at least 45 minutes before the scheduled flight departure. To enable convenience, online check-in is possible and can be done 24 hours before departure. 

Jetairfly baggage policy

Before you book Jetairfly flights, it’s important to have an idea about the baggage policy of the airline. Each traveler is permitted to carry 1 6kg maximum carry-on baggage. For checked baggage, each passenger can carry 20kg maximum weight of baggage. However, comfort passengers can carry up to 30 kg of checked baggage for free. The overweight baggage rate varies depending on the route of your flight and applicable rates. Jetairfly will be responsible for any fragile or valuable goods transported in the checked baggage. 

The airline puts policies in place regarding oversized items and sports equipment. For instance, you can transport bikes for free. However, they must not go beyond 32kg. Gold clubs might not be allowed to exceed 25kg.   

Jetairfly In-flight Services

Jetairfly offers high-end in-flight entertainment such as video programs in select Jetairfly flights. Some channels are available for passengers to enjoy watching the news and cultural information. Additionally, there are audio options provided, which offer new soundtracks and songs. Passengers can avail worldwide satellite communication onboard. However, some small fee is applied for each minute of use. To enhance the cabin experience, there’s sufficient legroom for all passengers of about 29 inches. Moreover, passengers will be issued with in-flight magazines upon boarding the flight.

Jetairfly Food Onboard

Passengers traveling to Dominican Republic, Cuba, Kenya, Jamaica, Mexico, USA, Zanzibar, and Cape Verde enjoy meals for free. However, if you’re traveling to other routes will need to pay a small fee for drinks and snacks. 

It’s possible and easy to pre-book meals when you do Jetairfly book a flight. The price is €9 per passenger. Also, special meals are offered but have to be booked at least 3 days before the flight departure. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Jetairfly Reservations

Are pushchairs allowed on board?

Yes! You can carry with you onboard a pram or pushchair without being charged. Jetairfly also lets you take it up to the airplane door and on getting to your destinations; the item will be waiting for you at Luggage Reclaim.

What if I can’t travel because of medical issues?

If you experience a serious illness or any medical condition or if you have undergone surgery recently, you’ll require being cleared for travel by Jetairfly. You might also need a “Fitness to Fly” document from your GP. The airline will require at least 4 business days’ notice before the flight to allow cancellation. If you wish to have your flight booked, it’s advisable that you call +1-855-936-0304.

Can I be allowed to take the baby’s food and bottle on board?

Yes! Jetairfly allows you to carry liquid baby’s foods or baby’s milk that is either home-made or pre-packaged. Additionally, you can also take foods for any special dietary needs provided it’s important for the flight. 

Can I bring my own food onboard?

Yes! Passengers are allowed to carry their food on board. However, the airline can’t offer heating facilities for the food onboard. But for infants, the airline warms bottles of milk by dipping them in hot water. Jetairfly advises low-risk food like pre-made snacks and sandwiches that one can eat cold.

How can I book airport assistance?

If you require assistance at the airport, you should notify the airline before the flight. You’ll be able to book airport assistance via an online platform with the airline with the check-in service. When you log in, choose the Special Requests option. There, provide the details of your assistance either for yourself or your travel partner. If you’ll be taking a wheelchair, for example, you’re advised to contact the airline.


Do you have any other questions or something you would like to know before you start making your Jetairfly reservations? Contact the airline’s customer care through one of the phone numbers mentioned above at any time of the day. 

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