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Grab the Deals on Hawaiian Airlines Booking Flights

Hawaiian Airlines is one of the most preferred airlines in the US. The airline was established in 1929 and began its operations the same year. Today the headquarters of this airline is in Hawaii in the United States. Unknown to some people, the air service boasts of a large fleet size of 62. Apart from that, the airline flies to over 30 destinations, both local and international destinations.

Unlike ordinary air services, Hawaiian Airlines offers a wide range of services online. As you’ll see soon, you can book Hawaiian Airlines reservations on the airline’s official website. Additionally, the airline allows a client to nullify a ticket for any reason.

Hawaiian Airlines Ticket Booking

There are different ways of booking Hawaiian Airlines flights. Firstly you can visit the airline’s official website to complete the booking. The online ticket booking procedure is not only short but also convenient. Interestingly, the airline offers different online payment methods. For this reason, it’s possible to complete the booking process online fully.

Another option on the table is contacting customer service. Hawaiian Airlines has a warm team of customer care agents. These agents are always ready and willing to offer high-quality services to clients. Therefore you can call the Hawaiian Airlines reservations phone number +1-855-936-0304 to reserve an air ticket.

The good news is that Hawaiian Airlines permits clients to book the ticket offline. Thus you’re free to get in touch with customer service via email. Please ensure that you include all the essential personal and flight details. The support team will help you reserve Hawaiian Airlines reservations. However, you must first clear the booking fee in advance.

Lastly, a customer can visit the airport to request the airline’s representatives to book a flight. Although the option is inconvenient, it guarantees fast and smooth ticket reservations. Additionally, this method allows one to pay the required booking fee in cash.

Hawaiian Airlines Reservations

Hawaiian Airlines Group Bookings

Hawaiian Airlines allows clients to book group travels. Usually, a group booking must consist of at least ten members or more. The beauty of these Hawaiian Airlines flight reservations is that they draw juicy discounts. As you can rightly guess, each group member has equal rights.

Therefore, in the case of a refund, each of the members receives an equal share. Kindly note that the airline includes a group booking in the same itinerary. Not to add, that the group members ought to travel on the same flight.

Kinds of Destinations

As mentioned at the start, the airline flies to over thirty different destinations. Appealingly, the air service covers both domestic and international places. Typically, international flights are costlier than domestic ones. Thus it makes sense to include the destination type when booking Hawaiian Airlines flights.

Travel Pet Policy

A customer is free to travel with a pet if they so wish. However, you must know that the airline expects your animal to be at least six months old. It would be best if you carried your animal in a well-ventilated carrier. Please ensure that you book Hawaiian Airlines flight reservations for your pet.

Nowadays, the airline sets the maximum weight limit at 25 pounds. Therefore you can fly with more than one pet as long as they don’t surpass that limit. The cost of the booking fee depends on the type of travel. For instance, a one-way flight lures a booking fee of $60.On the contrary, an inter-island flight will cost you $225.

Customers must take full responsibility for the pet during the flight. Ensure that the pet remains calm and collected. It may interest you to know that Hawaiian Airlines does not tolerate any disruptive behavior. In case you decide not to travel, you’re free to cancel the Hawaiian Airlines reservations.

Customers with Special Needs

If you have any special needs, you have no reason to worry; the airline will take exceptional care. However, you’ll need first to inform the Reservations Department. Additionally, you’re free to fly together with a personal assistant for apparent reasons.

The exciting news is that the airline allows customers with disabilities to travel with special equipment. For example, if you’re disabled, you can travel with your wheelchair. In most cases, the airline may not charge you for these devices. No wonder it’s crucial to notify the department when completing Hawaiian Airlines reservations.

Hawaiian Airlines Refund Policy

Hawaiian Airlines has high regard for the customers. For this reason, an eligible client must receive a refund. Please ensure that you nullify the booking in time. Remember that once the air ticket expires, your reservation becomes non-refundable. Hawaiian Airlines flights have a rigorous validity period.

Usually, once this period expires, you risk losing your travel funds. Additionally, you must know that the airline charges some service charges. As you can rightly tell, the airline first deducts these charges before refunding. If the service charges exceed the payable repayment, you won’t receive any refund.

Typically the airline refunds whoever booked the air ticket. Furthermore, the airline uses the same payment method one used during booking. You can dial the Hawaiian Airlines reservations phone number +1-855-936-0304 to request a refund.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Policy

You’ll be happy to know that Hawaiian Airlines allow people to modify a flight. You need to nullify your booking before the air ticket expires. Additionally, you must also change the reservation before the set departure time. Prior notification helps the airline to find a suitable replacement.

A customer is free to contact customer care via the Hawaiian Airlines reservations phone number +1-855-936-0304. Please ensure that you provide them with all the essential flight details. It’s crucial to note that the airline will charge you a small flight change fee. At the moment, the air service charges a flight change fee of $30.

Kindly note that airfare differences may apply depending on the alternative flight booking fee. In such a case, you must foot the extra fee. Frequently the airline respects your privacy; hence you don’t have to provide any reason for the cancellation. Read about Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy.

Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service Contacts

Would you like to get in touch with customer service? Don’t worry as you can get in touch with them for any questions. The agents will help you by answering any pertinent questions that you may have. Feel free to call +1-855-936-0304 for immediate assistance.As mentioned before, you’re free to contact the support team to book Hawaiian Airlines flights. The fantastic news is that the agents won’t charge for the service. Not to add, that they are highly professional and satisfactory.

Hawaiian Airlines Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I pay Hawaiian Airlines service charges using PayPal?

No, you can’t! Unlike other airlines, Hawaiian Airlines does not recognize PayPal. Therefore no customer can use the platform to settle a service charge. Kindly note that the airline usually deducts service charges from the paid booking fee. For this reason, clients get back to their pockets to pay for these service fees.
If the service charges exceed the refund, you may have to cough up the difference. Nowadays, the airline recognizes credit card, debit card as well as direct banking. You’re free to use whichever option that works best for you.

2. Does Hawaiian Airlines allow me to book an international flight?

Yes, you can! By now, you know that Hawaiian Airlines flies to both local and international destinations. For this reason, you can book an international flight with Hawaiian Airlines. Here is a list of some of the foreign places the airline covers. 
* Australia
* China
* France
* Japan
* South Korea
* Philippines
* Taiwan
* Phoenix
* San Diego
* Seattle
Usually, a client earns these points every time they book a flight. A one-way flight will earn you at least 500 miles. This fact implies that the more you book reservations, the more the Miles you earn.

3. Am I free to use someone else’s MasterCard to pay for my booking?

Yes, you can! However, the airline encourages customers to use their credit cards. Remember that in case of repayment, the airline will repay whoever paid for the booking. This confusion is avoidable by using your credit card or debit card to settle the booking fee.
Unknown to some people, the airline offers multiple online payment methods. Therefore do not insist on one option even if it fails. Instead, try the other and save your time and increase your chances of getting repayment.

4. How many reservations can I book and pay for?

There’s no limit to the number of air tickets you can book. You’re free to book as many flights as you please. No wonder some customers opt to reserve a trip for other people. People with special needs are free to book a reservation for their assistants. You’ll notice that some clients book Hawaiian Airlines reservations for their pets. Remember that the airline allows one to travel with their pets, if they so wish.
However, one can only participate in one flight at a time. Therefore, this policy does not imply that you can waste your money as you like.

5. What happens if my luggage exceeds the maximum weight restrictions?

Usually, the cabin crew won’t allow you to load the overweight luggage. The only option you have is to either get rid of less important items. Alternatively, you may choose to cancel the booking and sort things out. Remember that the airline does not waste time waiting for clients to get ready.
Even if only ten passengers are on time and ready, the plane will take off at the expected time. If you wish to transport a heavy load, you ought to consider a cargo plane. Remember that these planes can tolerate relatively heavy baggage.


Why do thousands of customers book the Hawaiian Airlines flight reservations? Well, there are multiple reasons why the airline draws many clients. For instance, the airline has immensely customer-friendly travel policies. Apart from that, the airline consists of a warm team of representatives.

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