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Delta Airlines Booking

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Air Travel With Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is among the biggest airlines in the US. The airlines fly to both domestic and international destinations. The good news is that you can complete the Delta Airlines booking online. If you experience any challenge, get in touch with customer care. 

How to Complete Delta Airlines Booking

Delta Airlines provides two distinct way to complete Delta Airlines reservations. Firstly you can complete the booking process on the airline’s official website. Remember that the airline provides online payment methods. For this reason, a client can pay the booking fee to complete the air ticket booking process. 

Alternatively, you can dial, the Delta Airlines reservations number +1-855-936-0304 for assistance. Customer care agents will be more than willing to help you complete the process. Kindly ensure that you include all the necessary flight details during booking. Calling is the most effective way of completing a Delta Airlines booking.

Below is a list of some of the essential flight details

  • Date of departure
  • Type of air ticket
  • Destination
  • Traveller’s full names
  • Place of departure.

Delta Airlines Booking

Group Reservations Procedure

Delta Airlines is among the leading air service that allows group bookings. You usually need to follow a group booking policy to complete a Delta Airlines group reservations. The best way to complete this process is to contact customer service directly. 

Today, the airline accepts a group booking of at least ten people or more in a single itinerary. Kindly notify the customer care by calling +1-855-936-0304. The airline will email you the group travel request form for filling. Alternatively, you can get the form from the airline’s official website. The agents can even help you compete this Delta Airlines international flight reservations.

Available Methods of Booking an Air Ticket

Technically, Delta Airlines offers three ways of booking a reservation. Firstly you can fill in a booking form on the airline’s official website. Online Delta Airlines booking is not only fast but also reliable. You’ll get an email confirmation upon completion of the booking process.

Secondly, you can directly get in touch with customer service for immediate assistance. Usually, the airline’s customer care agents are always on standby to offer help. Another way of completing the Delta Airlines reservations is to email customer support.

However, if you choose to use email, you’ll have to clear the booking fee first. After that email the agents all the necessary details. Relevant information includes traveller’s full name, destination, the type of ticket, to mention but just a few. The agents will book the flight for you and email you a confirmation message.

Flight Change Policy

Delta Airlines permits a customer to modify a booking for whatever reason. However, you must abide by the airline’s flight change policy. Frequently the Delta Airlines change reservations policy expects one to pay up a flight change fee. You must know that fare differences may apply.

Interestingly, the airline offers two different ways of modifying a flight, for whatever reason. Firstly, you can alter a Delta Airlines booking by calling the support team, at no extra charges. Alternatively, you can complete the process on the airline’s official website, by following simple on-screen instructions; the modification will reflect immediately. If the change is successful, you should receive an email confirmation.

Kindly note that the airline deducts the change fee from the paid booking fee. Interestingly, the flight change policy applies to all Delta air tickets.

Categories of Destinations

As hinted at the beginning of the blog, Delta Airlines flies to both domestic and international destinations. You’re free to book Delta Airlines international flight reservations or domestic tickets. Usually, international flights attract a higher booking fee than domestic ones. 

You’ll be happy to know that the procedure remains. For instance, you can do a Delta Airlines book flight online. Just the same way you can book a reservation of an international flight on the airline’s official website.

Delta Airlines’ Pet Policy

You’ll be glad to know that Delta Airlines allows a client to travel with their pet. However, you must understand that the airline has a detailed pet policy. For instance, one must pay a fee when completing the Delta Airlines booking. The pet fee relies on the total number of pets with whom you wish to travel.

Technically the pet has to fit in a ventilated pet carrier. Remember that the airline does not want the pet to affect fellow passengers. Kindly note that you cannot carry a pet when travelling to some destinations. This fact explains the importance of reading the Delta Airlines reservations official site rules.

You must take full responsibility for your pet during air travel.

Delta Airlines Baggage Fee

Delta Airlines charges passengers a reasonable baggage fee. Typically you’ll have to pay $25 for the first luggage. In case you have a second bag, you’ll need to cough up $35 for it. Please note that the airline caps the luggage weight at 50 pounds. Therefore no customer will be allowed to carry a piece of luggage that exceeds that limit. The airline encourages customers to clear the luggage fee during Delta Airlines booking.

You must present your luggage for inspection. Kindly note that inspection, aims at guaranteeing the safety of all passengers. Once they inspect your luggage, you’ll get clearance to on-load it.

Delta Airlines Special Offer

Customers must check out the airline’s special offer. In some cases, you may get cheaper flights. Interestingly, sometimes the airline offers incredible discounts on air tickets. Don’t let these deals pass you by like tha. Ensure that you visit the airline’s official website to get more details on special offers. The irresistible deals will come in handy, especially during Delta Airlines booking.

Customers with Disability

Please inform customer service, if you have any form of disability. Unknown to some customers, Delta Airlines takes exceptional care of clients with any kind of disability. For instance, if you move by a wheelchair, you need to inform the airline. You can include these details during the Delta Airlines booking.

If you use a powered wheelchair, ensure that you insulate the batteries. The airline’s staff will advise you on the right way to safeguard your specialised equipment. Therefore you have no reason to worry about your comfort at all. Our team of customer care will make you as comfortable as practically possible.

Delta Airlines Refund Policy

You may decide not to travel soon after you complete the Delta Airlines booking. The airline processes refunds for all eligible customers. However, you need to follow the right channel to get your money back. Kindly note that this policy does not apply if you booked the ticket via a third party.

Delta Airlines Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I request a refund if I cancel a reservations?

Yes, you can! The airline allows a client to nullify a booking for whatever reason. However, you must know that you’ll have to pay a small cancellation fee. As long as your air ticket is valid, you’ll get your repayment. You must understand that the airline will first deduct any applicable service charge before they repay you. 
Please ensure that you cancel the Delta Airlines booking before the air ticket expires. Kindly note that the airline takes less than three weeks to process your refund.

2. Can I make a Delta Airlines reservations via a third party?

Yes, you can! The airline permits one to book the flight through whichever way they please.However,you must know if you buy via a travel agency, then you’re subject to their travel policies. Although,some of these policies are relatively a like.

3. Can I book a hotel on the airline’s website?

Yes, you can! Delta Airlines allows a client to book a hotel via the airline’s website. The airline offers different kinds of hotels for you. You’re free to book the hotel that best suits your preference. The good news is that you can complete booking the hotel on the airline’s official website. That’s the best way out to avoid any undesirable inconveniences.

4. Does Delta Airlines charge any service?

Yes, they do! If you wish to cancel a reservation, you’ll have to pay a Delta flight cancellation fee. In some cases, the airline may charge a refund fee. Kindly note that if you miss a flight, you’ll need to cough up a no show fee. Usually, the airline deducts this service charge from the paid booking fee.

5. How will I get a refund, if I paid for the booking in cash?

Technically, Delta Airlines rarely deal with hard cash. For this reason, if you booked in money, the airline might refund you through an online method. Just contact customer care and agree on the best way of payment. As long as you hold a valid air ticket, there’s no cause for alarm.


There are countless reasons why Delta Airlines attracts hundreds of passengers. Firstly, you’ll agree that the airline has the most reasonable travel policies. For instance, one is free to nullify a Delta Airlines booking for whatever reason. Similarly, you can request a refund if you no longer wish to travel. Additionally, if you’ve only used part of the ticket, you can ask for a partial refund. Honestly, the airline, guarantees value for your money.

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