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What You Need to Know About Your Best Travel Partner – China Airlines

China Airlines is a reputable airline with its headquarters in Taoyuan International Airport. The airline boasts of 3 airline subsidiaries. China Airlines’ frequent flyer plan is referred to as Dynasty Flyer. To fly with this airline, you need to make your China Airlines reservations either online or by dialing the China Airlines flight tickets reservation number. 

China Airlines Reservations

China Airlines Customer Care

Through the China Airlines customer care center, the airlines make sure that customers receive the best of services while traveling. Besides China Airlines booking, one can also enjoy other services from the customer care center, including China Airlines flight check in, luggage weight, documentation required, boarding pass, and early check in. 

The customer care center can be contacted for any other concern apart from the ones mentioned here via the service hotline. So, if you have any question or clarification, or you need to get expert advice while make China Airlines reservations, don’t hesitate to make a call.  

Business Class Flight on China Airlines

If you’re looking to travel luxuriously and enjoy all the comfort of a cozy cabin, you’ll want to access the China Airlines flight tickets in the Business Class cabin. There so many facilities you’ll get to enjoy here. Some of them include the following:

All passengers in the China Airlines Business Class flights enjoy a luxurious and comfortable seating arrangement. A passenger in this flight can convert their seat into a bed. To offer the unmatched level of comfort, China Airlines provides a blanket and a pillow to ensure you’re enjoying the utmost relaxation and satisfaction.

Besides comfort, the airline also cares for the passenger’s well-being by providing delicious meals with customizable meal services. Additionally, there are complimentary beverages are served with sweet meals. 

In addition to that, there’s free Wi-Fi access across the aircraft to satisfy the desires of passengers’ in-flight entertainment. Passengers can watch TV series of their choice, enjoy movies and music. China Airlines has flight attendants that are dedicated to serving the Business Class flight travelers the best way they know-how.   

China Airlines Cancellation Policy

China Airlines online booking is a facility that provides customers of China Airlines with the convenience of booking flights online. Through the facility, passengers can also check their China Airlines flight status and even perform cancellation of the same if need be. The cancellation policy of China Airlines is easy to understand and is also customer-friendly. 

So, if a passenger wishes to cancel their flight, China Airlines cancellation policy states that they can do so 3 hours before the flight departure. For passengers who are traveling to and from the US, they may receive full refunds if they request the same within 48 hours of China Airlines reservations and their tickets haven’t been utilized. 

Additionally, the flight tickets have to be purchased before or a week to the scheduled flight departure. For passengers booking tickets from Korea, they can receive a full refund without paying any cancellation fee if they request refund 10 days before the flight departure and within 7 days after China Airlines booking. 

Baggage Allowance

China Airlines’ baggage restrictions are favorable. Passengers with child-fare or adult-fare are allowed to enjoy a free-of-charge baggage allowance of 40kg for First Class travelers, 30kg for Business Class travelers, and 20kg for Economy Class travelers. Each piece isn’t supposed to go more than the maximum allowable dimensions of 100 x 60 x 40 centimeters. 

Passengers with child-fare or adult-fare are allowed to have one checked baggage of up to 20kg for Economy Class travelers. Each piece of baggage shouldn’t exceed the maximum allowable dimensions of 100 x 60 40 centimeters. 

China Airlines Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get a flight ticket refund?

If you wish to request a refund for a ticket that you just canceled, your request will be managed as per the China Airlines refund policy. Refunds will only be processed as long as they are requested within the specified time after the ticket’s original purchase. Passengers can request refunds at China Airlines’ official website if they purchased tickets there.

2. When should I apply for a refund after my ticket expires?

China Airlines allows customers to apply for refunds within 2 years following the date of flight ticket issuance.

3. How can I make changes to my China Airlines reservationsticket?

If you wish to make a change to your China Airlines flight tickets such as flight route, class of service, flight date, etc. you can get in touch with the China Airlines as soon as possible. Changes are going to be effected on the basis of the ticket you bought and the availability of the seat. As per the ticket regulations, you might be needed to pay an extra fee to have the ticket changed. You can also make changes online on the official website of China Airlines.

4. How long should I wait before I get the money back, once I request a refund?

If you purchased your ticket through the China Airlines website and hasn’t been utilized or reissued, your refund amount is going to be transferred back to the original mode of payment within one week or 7 business days after the application for the refund online.
Tickets procured through China Airlines official website and have been reissued or partially flown, or those bought from downtown ticketing office, Call Center, or airport ticketing office, the duration of the refund varies depending on the different cases.

5. How can I check-in for regional and internal flights?

Passenger is advised to arrive early enough at the airport and bring with them a valid passport, any necessary visa as well as other valid docs to complete all check-ins and immigration requirements. China Airlines flight check-in can also be done online at the official website. 

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