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Booking Bangkok Airways Flights Made Easier

Booking flights have now become very easy all thanks to the online Bangkok Airways booking facility that offers great discounted fares and many other travel benefits. Today, travelers can book their flights online without necessarily visiting any high street travel agent. Bangkok Airways online booking provides you low-prices flight tickets, and a variety of other services to choose from on one single travel website. You can also compare the best available flight ticket types offered by the airlines to find out which one is the cheapest and the one that satisfies your requirements.

Bangkok Airways Booking

Why You Should Book Flights Online

There are numerous great benefits of booking your Bangkok Airways flight tickets online. The primary benefit of online flight booking is that you’ll have all the info in just a few clicks and can also compare and contrast the flight deals without wasting any time. If you’re a frequent traveler, you can sign up to be receiving email notifications with the online travel website. By email notification, you’re always up-to-speed with the latest travel deals and the best offers provided by the leading airline. 

You can as well customize your travel package according to your budget. Evaluating the various flight deals on the website will help you find tickets that fall in your range of budget. Bangkok Airways booking flight online is very convenient and facilitates your travel plans to ensure you enjoy every bit of your travel plan. As a passenger, you can also become a member on our website easily and keep receiving updates about the flight fare deals and Bangkok Airways flight check-in with all the convenience. Any updates on any available cheap flight deals won’t pass you unnoticed. 

Bangkok Airways Cancellation Policy

The Bangkok Airways cancellation policy works depending on the cancellation and on the ticket type you have purchased. If the Airways cancels the flight, then you, as the passenger won’t pay anything as the cancellation fee. However, if you cancel your flight ticket, you have to do within 24 hours of booking if you want to get a full refund. Failure to which, an amount will be deducted from your original fare as the cancellation fee. 

Bangkok Airways Baggage Allowance

According to the Bangkok Airways baggage policy, one checked maximum weight of the baggage is 32 kilograms. If your baggage weight goes beyond 32 kg per single piece, the baggage has to be re-packed. Additionally, Bangkok Airways allows sports tools as checked baggage and as part of the passenger’s standard baggage allowance.

Bangkok Airways Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I cancel my Bangkok Airways flight ticket online?

You can easily cancel your Bangkok Airways booking flight ticket online by following the following steps:
* Go to Bangkok Airways official website and login to your account with your correct credentials
* Choose the “Manage my Booking” option
* Go to the flight ticket your wish to cancel
* Choose “Cancellation” and then click “Proceed
* Choose the name of the passenger whose ticket you want to cancel and click “estimate refund amount”
* Choose the option that says “refund amount either bank account or wallet
* Click “confirm” to have the cancellation processed

2. Does Bangkok Airways cancel a flight?

It’s rare for Bangkok Airways booking to cancel flights. However, in case it cancels for reasons it would have prevented, then passengers will be provided with accommodation until the next flight without paying any fees. 

3. What is the Bangkok Airways cancellation compensation?

Passengers are entitled to Bangkok Airways compensation if their flight was delayed for over 3 hours. If Bangkok Airways cancels a flight and didn’t inform the passengers about the cancellation 14 days in advance, then the passengers will have a right to claim compensation.

Passengers can also be compensated by Bangkok Airways if they miss their connecting flight owing to delay experienced in their first flight and it’s the responsibility of Bangkok Airways. 

4. What’s the Bangkok Airways refund policy?

For flight tickets that were procured at least 7 days before the scheduled departure date and time of a flight, Bangkok Airways will either allow its passenger to cancel their tickets and get a full refund without paying any fee for 24 hours or allow them to place a ticket on hold at the original price without having to pay for the ticket for 24 hours.

5. What happens if personal belongings get lost?

If your baggage has been lost, you’re supposed to report immediately to Bangkok Airways 24 hours following the incident. Specify every detail of the event in the notification and send it with the necessary travel documents to the AXA.


Making your Bangkok Airways booking online ensures the convenience of the highest level. You book your flight anytime and anywhere you might be at that particular moment. The modes of payment providers on the website are very safe and you can provide the details of your credit card without worrying about the security of the details. 

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