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Customer-Friendly American Airlines Travel Policies

American Airlines is a large airline in the US. The air service was started in 1926. The airline’s fleet size and revenue will leave you speechless. The good news is that the airline offers a wide range of services online. One can quickly complete an American Airlines booking flights on the airline’s official website.

Apart from that, the airline has a strict American Airlines cancellation policy. One is free to revoke American Airlines reservations on the airline’s official website. That’s not all; you can also modify your booking for whatever reason.

American Airlines Booking Flights Process

There’s no more straightforward process to complete than the American Airlines booking flights process. All you need to do is to visit the airline’s official website. After that, click on book a fight and begin the air ticket booking process. Please ensure that you provide all the necessary information when booking American Airlines reservations.

Below is a list of some of the necessary details that you must provide.

  • Traveler’s full names
  • Destination
  • Point of departure
  • Date of travel
  • Type of booking
  • Type of air ticket

Usually, if your booking is successful, you must receive an email notification. Please keep the email as you may need the confirmation details if you decide to nullify a reservation. As we’ll see shortly, the airline offers different ways of booking American Airlines seat reservations.

American Airlines Booking

How to Book an American Airlines Reservations

Technically, American Airlines offers multiple ways of booking a flight. Firstly one can complete the American Airlines booking on the airline’s official website. The beauty of online booking is that it is simple and highly reliable. Please ensure that you provide accurate details when booking the flight.

The second option available is to call the American Airlines reservations phone number +1-855-936-0304 to book the seat for you. Usually, the customer care agents will first capture your details. After that, they’ll then complete American Airlines seat reservations. You must know that you must be ready to pay the booking fee online for this option to work.

Thirdly, you can email customer service to complete a flight booking for you. Please ensure that you offer accurate personal and flight details. Additionally, you must pay the American Airlines booking fee for the agents to book the trip for you.

The fourth option on the table is to visit the airport for specialized assistance. You’ll meet a strong team of American Airlines representative. The team will capture your details and book the flight for you. The beauty of this option is that it allows you to pay the booking fee in cash.

American Airlines Group Reservations

American Airlines is among the few air services that allow group travel. One can book group travel for at least 11 months in advance. Kindly note that the airline may offer discounts to a group of ten members or more. However, to enjoy the discount ensure that you fill in the group travel request form. Feel free to complete the reservations on the airline’s website.

Kindly know that all the members of the group have equal rights. Additionally, for group travels, you must all travel on the same flight. In case you opt to nullify the aa Airlines flights, all the group members must agree.

American Airlines Cheap Flights

You must have heard about the American Airlines cheap flights. Sometimes the airline offers huge discounts on some flights. During the peak season, customers can save as much as $200 per booking. Usually, the airline provides irresistible bookings for American Airlines group reservations. However, to get this, you must fill out a travel request form.

American Airlines Flight Change Policy

Are you familiar with the American Airlines change reservations policy? A client can modify a American Airlines booking if they so wish. However, you must know that the airline charges a reasonable flight change fee. Kindly note that the airline only allows one to alter a booking once.

Today, the airline provides different ways of modifying a booking. Firstly you can visit the airline’s official website. You’ll have to fill out a flight change form to modify American Airlines flight reservations.

Please note that you must submit the flight change request at least three hours before the flight. Prior notification enables the airline to get a suitable replacement. Consequently, they allow one to modify the trip or cancel it for refunding purposes.

American Airlines Policy on Pets

Here’s some good news; American Airlines allows customers to carry a pet. However, you must know that the airline does not accept some breeds of dogs. They include

  • Cane Corso
  • Chow Chow
  • Bulldog
  • Boston Terrier
  • Japanese Chin
  • Mastiff

You must inform the airline of your intention to travel with the dog in advance. Usually, the airline charges a fee of $125 for every pet you carry. Please ensure that you pay this fee when completing an American Airlines booking flights.

American Airlines Refund Policy

Every eligible customer must receive a refund. Frequently the airline expects a customer to nullify the American Airlines booking flights before the air ticket expires. Kindly note that the airline will deduct a flight cancellation fee before they refund you. In case you wish to know how much refund you deserve, first, call the American Airlines reservations phone number +1-855-936-0304.

Factually speaking, the airline takes between 7 to 14 business days to process refunds. In case your refund delays beyond that, do not hesitate to call the reservation number for immediate assistance. Please note that the airline will channel the refund to the exact client who booked the flight.

Types of Destinations

How many kinds of destinations does American Airlines cover? Technically the airline flies to both domestic and international destinations. In most cases, American Airlines’ international air tickets are costlier. The good news is that all travel policies apply equally to each of these destinations.A customer is free to book a domestic flight on the airline’s official website. Similarly, one can book an international flight on the airline’s official site. That explains the importance of specifying the type of destination when make any American Airlines booking flights ticket.

American Airlines Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I book a reservation through a third party?

Yes, you can! The airline allows a client to approach a third party for air ticket booking. For instance, you can visit a travel agency to book a flight. The encouraging news is that most travel agencies sell affordable air tickets. However, you must note that American Airlines’ travel policies do not apply to such air tickets.
Similarly, you can approach another airline to book a reservation. The good news is that most airlines allow a client to book a ticket on the airline’s official website.

2. Can I monitor my repayment status?

No, you can’t! Unfortunately, it is not possible to monitor the status of your refund. That is not to suggest that you won’t receive your refund. As long as your ticket is valid, you must obtain a refund. You’re free to contact customer service to inquire about your refund status.
We must admit that refund processing takes some time. In most cases, American Airlines takes between 7 to 14 business days to process refunds. Remember that the airline will have first to calculate all applicable service charges.

3. Am I eligible for a refund if I cancel a reservation?

Yes, you are! However, you must ensure that your air ticket is valid. This fact explains the importance of nullifying a American Airlines booking flights before the air ticket expires. Please note that the air ticket expires after the set date of departure.
Kindly ensure that you follow the right procedure to get a repayment. If you had booked in cash, you’d have to contact customer service directly. If you nullify an invalid air ticket, you’ll not receive any repayment.

4. Does American Airlines charge any service?

Yes, they do! Just like other airlines, American Airlines charges some service charges. For instance, if you nullify the booking after 24 hours, you need to pay a flight cancellation fee. You must know that the airline deducts this fee from the paid booking fee. Additionally, the airline also charges a reasonable refund fee.
If a client misses a flight, they may have to pay a no show fee. The same cases apply to those who fail to turn up for a plane. In most cases, if the total service charge exceeds the refund, you won’t get any repayment.
In case a customer wishes to travel with a pet, they need to pay a small fee. At the moment, the airline charges $125 per pet. The exciting news is that the airline’s customer service does not charge extra charges for a service.

5. Can I receive a refund on behalf of an eligible customer?

No, you can’t! American Airlines only refunds eligible customers. Thus, do not expect the airline to pay you on behalf of someone else. However, if an eligible client passes on, you can receive the payment on behalf of him or her. In such a case, American Airlines may refund the next of kin.


Nothing impresses customers more than reasonable travel policies. American Airlines has the most customer-friendly policies ever. Apart from that, the airline has very punctual staff. It’s sporadic for the airline to delay a flight unnecessarily. Not to mention, the easy American Airlines booking flights procedure.

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