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About Air Seychelles

Air Seychelles is the Republic of Seychelles’ national airline with its operations from Seychelles International Airport, Mahe. The airline operates domestic (inter-island) and international flights as well as charter flights. Currently, it’s 40% owned by Etihad Airways. Air Seychelles is now serving its customers in 6 destinations, which are Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Port Louis, Paris, Johannesburg, and Mahe. Through its official website, the airline has been able to provide its customers with a facility making it possible to make Air Seychelles reservations online. 

For customers’ convenience, there are many services that customers can avail online on the carrier’s website, including Air Seychelles online booking easily and quickly. You can also perform Air Seychelles flight check-in on the platform and even check your flight status anywhere you’re, anytime.   

Air Seychelles reservations

Air Seychelles Customer Service

Air Seychelles is dedicated to ensuring it serves its customers the best way possible. The carrier aims to make every one of its flights a safe and comfortable experience both on the air and on the ground. For that reason, the company introduced a plan – “Customer Service Plan” that reflects its dedication to treating their customers in a courteous, fair and prompt way and to offer them the clear info about what they should expect from the airline, especially during occasional and irregular operations. This “Customer Service Plan” is an independent form and inclusive of the T&Cs of Air Seychelles. 

Travelers with Disabilities and Special Needs on Air Seychelles

Air Seychelles provides its passengers with outstanding services that are delivered with respect and great hospitality. The company boasts of a contemporary fleet of airplanes fitted with accessible lavatories and flexible armrests in many of the seats. 

During Air Seychelles flight booking, customers are advised to notify the airline, or 48 hours or more before your flight departure of any special assistance you wish to get during or following the flight. In case of any flight delays, the airline will arrange for accommodation of the passengers with special needs or disabilities. 

Air Seychelles Baggage Allowance

Air Seychelles has a customer-friendly baggage policy that’s put in place to ensure travelers are comfortable and safe on board. For all domestic flight routes, all residents traveling point-to-point are allowed to carry a maximum of 20 kilograms, including 15 kilograms of checked baggage and 5 kilograms of carry-on hand-baggage per passenger. 

All non-resident passengers traveling point-to-point on domestic routes are allowed to carry a maximum of 28 kilograms including 23 kilograms of checked baggage and 5 kilograms carry-on hand baggage for every passenger.

Passengers with Air Seychelles flight tickets from international flights are required to follow the same baggage rules on connecting domestic flights. Passengers traveling between Mauritius, Seychelles, and onwards up to Praslin with flight tickets, they are allowed to carry baggage as per the Seychelles and Mauritius route. For more info about the baggage allowance, check here.  

Air Seychelles 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

As mentioned, Air Seychelles is dedicated to providing quality services that suit the comfort and convenience of its customers. The carrier’s 24 hours cancellation policy is meant to offer more flexibility to the passengers while managing their bookings. As per the policy, Air Seychelles provides a full refund if the booking is procured at least 7 days before the Air Seychelles flight departure. For more on the cancellation and refund policy of this airline, refer to its official website or call into their customer service center. 

Air Seychelles Reservations-Frequently Asked Questions

Can I obtain a refund for my Air Seychelles ticket if I’m unable to travel?

Yes. All passengers are entitled to refunds if they are unable to travel, cancel their tickets and request refunds the same within the stipulated time as per the Air Seychelles cancellation and refund policy.

How can I obtain a refund for a ticket I booked via the Air Seychelles website?

If your did Air Seychelles book flight online, and after canceling the same you need to request for a refund, it’s good you get in touch with the Air Seychelles customer care through their number +1-855-936-0304 any time from 0800 to 1800 hours, Monday to Saturday including public holidays.

How can I get a refund if I book my Air Seychelles ticket via a travel agent?

If you booked your Air Seychelles via a travel agent or agency, Air Seychelles advises you to contact the particular agent/agency and claim your refund.

How long should I expect to wait to get my money after I apply for a refund?

Air Seychelles tries as much as possible to process all eligible refunds within the shortest time possible. However, depending on your case, it can take up to 60 business days to process the refund from the time your request is received. 

How can I view my refund status?

You should contact the Air Seychelles customer care center to access information on the progress of your refund or to know whether or not you qualify for a refund through the number provided above. 


Air Seychelles offers world-class air travel services to all its customers both domestic and international. You can call in or make your Air Seychelles reservations online on the airline’s official website.


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