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Air Mauritius is one of the speedy and most elegant airlines that provide offer-embedded services to a lot of people traveling through our airlines. It has always provided the services that will make our customers proud of having us as their travel partners. Air Mauritius reservations are available all over the world and connect all of the people from various countries and cities around the world. 

It is our pleasure to serve our customers to the fullest so that they get the best life experience of traveling with us and enjoying their travel which may be regular for some people, but a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the others. We treat every passenger and customer equally and want everyone’s pleasure and happiness only. 

Air Mauritius reservations

Customer’s baggage policies at Air Mauritius:-

Air Mauritius is always conscious about the valuable presence of the customers and that is why we consider it our duty to give the best facilities to our customers. Also, it’s our duty to explain each and everything to our customers beforehand. That is why we list everything about our Airlines along with the baggage facility on our site and make it clear for the people before they apply for Air Mauritius online booking

We provide Air Mauritius booking number to each customer who decides the weight and quantity of their luggage that is allowed to be carried by them. Along with a lot of other information, we provide detailed baggage information to the customers so that they don’t face any trouble in the future. 

Canceling flight tickets made easy at Air Mauritius:-

Air Mauritius has also made it easy and convenient for the customers to cancel their Air Mauritius flight tickets without any trouble or error. They can cancel them from the website through the cancel tickets option that is present besides the Air Mauritius book flight option and will get a quick and immediate refund in their airlines or personal account. 

Targeted inflight amenities for our customers:-

The easy and targeted inflight amenities that provide safety, enjoyment, and convenience to our customers is actually included in our prime offers and policies. This involvement has benefitted a lot of passengers and customers till now and will surely do so in the future too. 

The inflight amenities are available for the customers while they perform Air Mauritius flight check in and join us to experience the most incredible and mesmerizing flight journey of their lifetime. This experience will surely be a lifetime one for them, whether they travel frequently through flights or not. 

The Air Mauritius flight tickets will surely be the best tickets purchased by you in your life and this will give you lots of entertainment and fun along with free and easy, basic, and advanced amenities inside the flight. 

Air Mauritius Reservations- Frequently Asked Questions

What are the expected opportunities for regular customers at Air Mauritius?

There are a lot of expected and unexpected opportunities and offers for the customers who have always been with us and never left our side. We assure them great deals and offerings for their flight bookings and also give them per-kilometre discounts for their travels.

When will the customers get their refunds on the flights that they have canceled?

The customers who have canceled their flights will get quick and easy refunds according to our refund policies and terms. These refunds will directly get credited in your bank accounts or your company wallets within 24-48 hours from the time of canceling the tickets.

Will the new and regular customers get the same offers and dealings?

No, there is a tremendous variety of offers and dealings available with us that we avail separately for both of our new and regular customers. The regular customers will get the benefits for consistently being with us, while the new ones will get different credits for choosing us for their travels.

What if the customers fail to reach in time for the flight?

Usually, our company does not let this kind of thing happen because we give each and every customer a pre-intimation about their flights and that is why they do not tend to miss it at all.

What are the future plans of Air Mauritius and how will they achieve them?

We have huge and varied future plans with proper organization included in it. We aim to achieve something huge and grand in the coming years and we will surely fulfill this dream with our customer’s support and dedication.


Air Mauritius is active and alert towards giving great advancements to our customers. We take it on ourselves that everyone associated with us remains happy and satisfied. Without our customers we are nothing and we never forget this at any point. That is why we have been one of the best airlines all these years and will be the same in the future too. 

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