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Air France Flight Booking Tickets and Deals

Air France is, without a doubt, the best carrier in France. The airline was founded in 1933 and began operating shortly afterwards. Apart from that, Air France Airlines has a large fleet size of 216. Unknown to some clients, the airline flies to over 200 different destinations spread across the world. Interestingly, the airline offers multiple services on its website.

A client is at liberty to reserve an Air France booking online. That’s not all; the air service permits customers to nullify a reservation on its website. This well-researched write-up will enlighten you on how to book a flight. Additionally, the blog will equally touch on the refund policy as well as the airline’s policy on pets.

Air France booking

Make Air France Booking Flight

Technically, there are different ways of booking Air France reservation. For example, a client is free to visit the airline’s official website to book a ticket. All you need to do is to specify the flight details. After that, you’ll have to pay for the flight booking fee. You’ll be relieved to know that Air France provides multiple online payment methods.

Alternatively, you’re free to get in touch with the support team to book Air France ticket reservations. Usually, customer care agents won’t charge you an extra fee for the service. Not to add, that the agents will book the flight for you within minutes. If the booking is successful, you ought to receive an email confirmation. 

Air France Airlines permits customers to use an offline booking procedure. For instance, one can email customer service to request a booking. However, you must first pay up the booking fee before you send the email. Once the agents get your email, they’ll immediately begin to reserve the Air France booking for you. How convenient is that?

Lastly, a few customers choose to visit the airport to request Air France flight reservations. The airline has enough representatives working for them at their head offices. They’ll be more than ready and willing to help you book your preferred flight.

Air France Group Bookings

Did you know that Air France permits group travel bookings? Technically the airline gives clients the freedom to choose a group booking. A group must consist of at least ten members or more. Please note that all group members must travel on the same flight. Additionally, the members must also go on the same dates. 

Interestingly, these kinds of Air France reservation are negotiable. You can contact customer service to book this type of booking. Alternatively, you can fill out the group travel form on the airline’s official site. You’re free to change names within a week, if necessary.

Air France Baggage Policy

Air France Airlines charges customers to travel with luggage. In most cases, the booking fee relies on the size of your baggage. Interestingly, you can clear this fee while booking an Air France booking. Prior payment makes the luggage clearance and inspection process faster and less inconveniencing.

Kindly note that your luggage must not exceed the dimensions 158cm. Additionally, your bag must not be heavier than 32kilograms. If the baggage exceeds the maximum limits, the airline won’t allow you to load it onto the plane.

Air France Travel Pet Policy

Air France Airlines allows a customer to fly with their pets for local flights. Unfortunately, the airline does not allow pets in the Business cabin; especially if the flights are intercontinental.The reason for this is to help guarantee the safety and comfort of all passengers. You must ensure that you pay the booking fee for your pet when booking Air France reservation.

If you wish to travel with your animal within the Caribbean, you’ll need to pay $35.On the other hand, if you want to go with it from Europe to North Africa, you must pay $65.Please ensure that you take full responsibility for your pet. The airline has zero-tolerance for any disruptive behaviour.

Air France Refund Policy

Air France Airlines allows customers to request a refund if they no longer wish to travel, Appealingly if you ask for repayment within 24 hours, you’re entitled to a full refund. On the contrary, if you delay beyond 24 hours, you’ll have to cough up a flight cancellation fee. As you may rightly guess the airline deducts applicable service charges from the paid booking fee.

Please note that the refund policy only applies to valid Air France flight reservations. Therefore, do not expect to receive repayment for an expired air ticket. Remember that all air tickets have a specific validity period. Once this period expires, the booking becomes non-refundable. Not to add, that the air ticket becomes non-cancellable.

In most cases, the airline takes less than 21 days to resettle all refunds. Thus, as long as your Air France booking is legitimate, you have no reason to worry. The airline must repay you what you deserve.

Passengers with Disabilities

If you have any form of disability, you have no reason to worry. Air France Airlines takes exceptional care for passengers with special needs. However, you must notify the airline’s representatives when booking Air France flight reservations. The good news is that the airline allows passengers to carry any special equipment.

For example, one is free to carry a wheelchair if necessary. The encouraging news is that the airline may not charge you for this equipment. Additionally, you’re free to tag along with your assistant. However, you must book a separate air ticket for him or her. The airline also has multiple agents who can offer assistance.

This fact proves the essence of notifying the airline while booking an Air France booking. They’ll make the necessary arrangement to ensure that you get the assistance you need.

Air France Customer Care Contacts

Clients can quickly get in touch with customer service if necessary. For example, if you have any questions, suggestions or complaints. In the cases of complaints, the airline will first investigate it, before they get back to you. Feel free to call +1-855-936-0304 for immediate assistance. You can also call the same number for Air France booking assistance.

Interestingly, customer service accepts calls for ticket cancellations. You must ensure that you provide accurate personal and flight details.

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Air France Reservation – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I pay the required baggage fee?

The airline offers different ways of settling the baggage fee. For example, one may request the airline to include the baggage fee in the booking fee. However, this option only works if you’re sure about the total weight of the luggage.
The best option is to pay the luggage fee at the airport. Remember that the cabin crew will first weigh your luggage. After that, they’ll inform you how much you ought to pay. This strategy is wise as it prevents unnecessary disagreements.

2. Can I request a refund, if the airline denied boarding?

Yes, you can! However, it depends on why the airline denies you entry. For example, if you were carrying illegal goods you may not receive repayment. On the contrary, if the denial is as a result of confusion, you may request a refund.

3. Can I settle the booking fee on the Air France mobile application?

Yes, you can! Technically there are different things that you can do on this app.For instance one can fully complete the Air France online ticket booking process. The good news is that the airline guarantees the safety of your transactions.
If you don’t trust that option you can opt to use the airline’s official site for booking. Just like the application, the official site also guarantees the safety of your credit card information. However, please use a secure internet to book the flight. Remember that a secure internet will encrypt all the details thus no snooper can tap your confidential credit card information.

4. Does Air France sell direct air tickets?

Yes, they do! However you must know that the airline flies directly to specific destinations. The good news is that you can fly directly to a local destination. The main disadvantages of direct air tickets is that they’ll be highly expensive.
On the bright side, these flights not only save you time but also money. Please contact customer care to inquire about these kinds of air tickets. In some cases if customers are plenty, the airline may consider allowing one direct flight to a common destination.

5. How can I prove that I paid for a Air France booking fee?

The airline gives receipt to customers if their booking was successful. However, you must know that the airline only gives hard copy receipts. Therefore do not expect to get a receipt online after you pay for the booking.
Please don’t hesitate to visit the airport to ask for a receipt. It will help you especially when you must prove that you paid for the booking. A receipt is especially necessary if you wish to nullify a reservation and ask for a refund.


Anyone who has booked an Air France booking has an excellent story to tell. Firstly, the airline has warm and friendly air hostesses. Apart from that, the airline has the most favorable travel policies. For instance, if you don’t wish to travel, you can nullify the reservation.

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