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Enjoy Great Deals with Air Dolomiti Reservations.

Air Dolomiti Airlines is a popular and most affordable airline in Italy. This airline is the regional airline of Italy. The headquarters of these airlines is located in Dossobuono, Villafranca di Verona, Italy. This airline provides you with great service and affordable prices for tickets. They also won the best service award in Italy and they also take care of their passengers and crew members in this COVID-19 crisis.

You can also pre-book Air Dolomiti Reservations in these airlines. These airlines operating bases are located in the Frankfurt airport and Munich airport in Germany. You can book your Air Dolomiti flight tickets in many ways at a cheaper price. They also have many ways for Air Dolomiti flight check in like web check-in, mobile check-in, and airport check-in, etc. You will enjoy all the services provided by this airline.

Air Dolomiti reservations

Process of booking flight tickets:– 

The following are some ways which will help you to book your tickets and they will also provide you with great offers on flight tickets.

  • Online booking or official website:

 Air Dolomiti online booking is one of the easiest ways to book your tickets at a great and affordable price. You just have to go on the official website of this airline and go on the Air Dolomiti booking tickets option. In that option, you can also check many offers and deals on the tickets. They also give you information about services and safety.

  • Phone number:

 You can find this number on their official website or any airline magazines. If you have some questions about flight tickets or offers and deals then you can call on this number. You can also book your tickets on this number.  You can also book your reservations or you can dance your tickets with the help of this number. They will provide you with great service over the phone. Air Dolomiti book flights are another option for flight booking.

In-flight services of Air Dolomiti airlines:– 

The following are some great services provided by these airlines. As you know, they won the best service award in Italy, therefore, they give an Italian touch to every service.

  • Meals and drinks:

This is classified according to the classes present in the flight or seating arrangement present in the flight.

  1. All passengers-

 They will provide all passengers with the three main services. The first is they will provide you with the e-journals before and after the flight. Second, they will provide you IFE onboard system for entertainment. In the third type, in case of any pandemic, they will give you the antibacterial wipe for safety.

  1. Business-class passengers –

Business-class is one of the premium class seats therefore in this class, they will provide you with a great service. They will serve you the meals individually in the china plate, steel cutlery, and glasses. You will enjoy your food with these extra services. You can also select a hot beverage according to your choice. They will also give you lunch, dinner, snacks, and breakfast as appropriate. You can also select the best wine as you like. If your flight is more then 75 minutes then you can order the specials meals on your flight.

  1. Economy class passengers –

 This passenger will be provided with basic services and a few extra services. They will have the IFE system for entertainment and they will be provided with the e-journals before and after the flight. They also will be provided with packed snacks and water bottles. You will enjoy the flight with this airline.

  • Pets:

 You can carry your pets in this airline with the documents. You have to carry your pet in the box which will be comfortable for your pet. The weight your pet has to be around 8 kg then only you can carry your pet in this airline.

  • Lounges:

 The best lounges are also present at the airport for your service. You can also bring one companion with you but they have various conditions and regulations for this. These lounges are open for the business class passenger and the members of the alliances on Air Dolomiti Reservations.

Air Dolomiti Reservations- Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get the latest information about flight timing?

You can see on the official website of this airline or you can also download the app of this airline for the latest updates

Is there a web check-in facility present in this airline?

Yes, you can check-in through the web before departure in this airline.

Can pregnant women travel with airlines? 

Yes, but you have to submit your medical documents to the airlines.

How do we get the latest update of offers and deals on flight tickets?

If you have the app of these airlines, you will get the notification of each offer and deals. Other than that you can also check online.

Can we change or cancel our seats in this airline?

Yes, you can change your seat but you have to pay more for their facility. You can also cancel your tickets and you will also get a refund.

All this information is really important for you to travel with this airline. Air Dolomiti will give the best experience and service.


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