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About Air Arabia Maroc

Air Arabia Maroc is a low-cost airline and a subsidiary of Air Arabia founded in April 2009. Its headquarters are in Casablanca, Morocco. This airline is popular for its high-end in-flight services, punctuality, convenience, and the Air Arabia Maroc cheap tickets program on Air Arabia Maroc Reservations. The carrier serves its customers across the world by flying to 34 destinations, currently from its hubs Nador Airport, Fes Sais International Airport, and Tangier Ibn Battouta Airport.

Air Arabia Maroc reservations

Air Arabia Maroc Online Facility

Passengers don’t have to look for a partner agency/agent or visit one of the Air Arabia offices to make Air Arabia Maroc reservations. The online facility brings all the convenience the passengers need to book flights without getting out of their houses. Besides Air Arabia Maroc online booking, customers can also avail of a wide range of services at the touch of a button, including flight status and check-ins. 

Customers can check-in their Air Arabia Maroc flights through the carrier’s official website. For those passengers flying from Sharjah, the online check-in facility is open 24 hours before flight departure. Also, for passengers that are flying from all other airports, this facility is open 12 hours before the flight.   

Air Arabia Maroc Economy Class 

The Economy is the only Air Arabia Maroc cabin class. Onboard, passengers are free to order a variety of cold and hot food from the Sky café of the airline, which also consists of a full drinks menu. Moreover, passengers can avail of shopping opportunities from the onboard shop, Sky mall of the airline. Passengers will also be able to order a wide variety of gifts, including colognes, perfumes, and jewelry from the airline’s Sky Mall. 

Additionally, Air Arabia Maroc provides an outstanding in-flight entertainment system. From this system, passengers enjoy a selection of films, TV programs, and unlimited documentaries. For passengers that don’t wish to enjoy any of those, there are in-flight magazines to keep them engaged.  

When you do Air Arabia Maroc book a flight, you’ll be sure to enjoy cabin seats that are arranged in a 3 x 3 formation. Each one of these seats is 46 cm wide and features a seat pitch that is 76 cm. The seats are also designed to offer roomy leg rooms for all travelers.  

Frequent Flyer Program

If you do Air Arabia Maroc booking or fly with the airline frequently, you get to enjoy the benefits of the Frequent Flyer Program of Air Arabia. The carrier introduced this program to enhance the flying experience of its loyal customers. Joining this program is free of charge and you’ll be able to enjoy Air Arabia Maroc cheap tickets and save a great deal of money on your flights. 

A passenger will be able to collect points on flights and services that include meal selection, baggage allowance, seat selection, airport services, and travel insurance. Further, Air Rewards provides you with the opportunity of earning more by creating a Family Account, where you can pool your Family’s Points and bring them into a single account. By so doing, you can be able to get a free flight faster.  

Air Arabia Maroc Baggage Allowance

Carry-on Baggage

Air Arabia Maroc provides passengers with the chance to only pay for the luggage they need. A passenger can choose checked luggage weight during Air Arabia Maroc reservations or changing of Air Arabia Maroc flights (20, 30, or even 40 kilograms) without restriction on the number of the piece. Passengers can pre-book their baggage allowance in advance and save up to 90 percent of baggage charges paid at the airport. 

Note: The only luggage allowance available to buy at the airport is 20kg and the extra weight will require being paid for. 

Checked Baggage

Air Arabia Maroc allows passengers to carry up to 10 kilograms of hand baggage for free. Each passenger must carry hand baggage that doesn’t exceed the stated weight. The baggage dimensions shouldn’t go beyond 55 x 40 x 20 cm, including wheels, pockets, and handle. Infants under 2 years of age are permitted to have 1 standard-sized baggage in which they can carry accessories they may need during the trip. 

Air Arabia Maroc Reservations-Frequently Asked Question

Must I call Air Arabia Maroc to be validated if I make a reservation online?

Once you complete Air Arabia Maroc book a flight and a booking number is generated or an e-ticket is sent to you via email, the reservation will be considered confirmed and you’ll not require calling the airline to be validated.

What happens if there’s a flight delay?

If there’s a flight delay, Air Arabia Maroc will ensure that they notify all passengers through messages and emails, if available and whenever the time of delay permits doing so. The airline will also ensure passengers are offered the needed help and protect the seats on the subsequent available flight to the same destination. If the airline is unable to offer a flight to the same destination the passenger chose, the passenger will then be eligible to request a refund of the ticket.

How can I cancel my Air Arabia Maroc flight?

Passenger can cancel their booking online, by calling Air Arabia Maroc Call Center or by personally visiting one of the airline sales offices or partner travel agency. The passenger will need their reservation number to complete the cancellation process. A fee will also apply according to the cancellation policy. It’s important to remember that cancellations aren’t applicable for flights from and to Morocco. Also, some reservations such as Free Tickets and Promotional Tickets aren’t eligible for cancellation

Does Air Arabia have a refund policy?

Air Arabia Maroc doesn’t have any refund policy. Instead, a passenger’s amount that they have paid is going to be retained as a credit after the deduction of the cancellation fee and any other applicable charges. The passenger can then utilize the credit in a future Air Arabia Maroc flight that falls within 1 year from the payment date. However, the credit isn’t applicable for all flights from and to Morocco.

 How can I redeem my credit online?

You can easily redeem your credit on Air Arabia Maroc official website. To do that, first, choose your new flight and go to the payment page. Second, while on the page, choose Yes in the below section and redeem credit from your previous reservation.


Hopefully, you’re now equipped with the information you needed about Air Arabia Maroc. If there’s any further question you would like to get an answer regarding Air Arabia Maroc reservations, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.  

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