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Enjoy a Luxurious and Comfortable Air Travel with Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines is one of the largest flag carrier airlines in Greece. This airline is reputable for providing its passengers world-class air travel services. To ensure the convenience of passengers, this airline offers easy booking and smooth cancellation of all Aegean Airlines reservations. In case a customer needs to cancel their tickets, they can request a refund after the cancellation as stipulated in the Aegean Airlines cancellation and refund policies.  

Aegean Airlines Reservations

Aegean Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy

Aegean Airlines understands that sometimes things might go against the plans and the passenger is left with no choice than to make changes to his or her Aegean Airlines flight tickets. The airline ensures easy amendment of a booking by a customer. The cancellation conditions vary depending on the fare category and class the passenger has chosen. 

As per the policy, the passengers may require paying a certain amount to have their tickets canceled. If the passengers cancel refundable tickets, they must pay a refund fee for both international and domestic flights. In case the passenger fails to show up for a scheduled flight, the Aegean Airlines charges a certain amount, and the flight tickets will be canceled for any other flight. A passenger can cancel their Aegean Airlines reservations flight ticket before the departure of the same without being charged any fee. If cancellation is successful, the passenger may request a refund for the unutilized portion of their ticket. However, passengers must pay a certain amount for flight tickets refund as a service fee for all the categories.  

What Aegean Airlines Offers

Every aircraft of Aegean Airlines is fitted with sophisticated and most advanced safety systems. Indeed, in 2012, the airline was listed as the European’s best regional airline in terms of reliability. When it comes to sustainability, Aegean Airlines doesn’t disappoint either. The airline ensures constant upgrades to reduce fuel consumption of its aircraft and noise emissions for an environment-friendly flying experience. Aegean Airlines also makes travelers’ experience is also a priority by providing a wide range of affordable airfares and top-notch inflight comfort as well as smooth Aegean Airlines book flight process. 

Baggage Allowance

The number of suitcases, charges, and dimensions allow may vary depending on the type of fare, flight, and class a passenger is traveling in. For Economy GoLight Aegean Airlines flight tickets, passengers can only carry one hand luggage piece of up to 8kg. Infant up to 2 years are allowed one hand luggage piece and one collapsible stroller.

For Economy Flex passengers can only carry one hand luggage piece of 8kg and a checked bag of up to 23kg. Infants from 0 to 2 years can carry on hand luggage pieces with the needed baby tools for the trip, a piece of luggage up to 23 kg, and a collapse or fold-up stroller.  

For Business Class passengers, 2 luggage pieces are allowed, each piece going up to 32kg. Infants from 0 to 2 years old can carry hand baggage holding the required baby staff for the trip, a baggage piece weighing up to 32kg, and collapse or fold-up stroller. For Miles & Bonus or Star Alliance Gold passengers, they can carry one luggage piece weighing 32 kg or 23 kg depending on the booked fare. 

Aegean Airlines Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I cancel my flight ticket?

In the case of Aegean Airlines online booking at or via the Aegean Airlines call center, you can call in the center at 801 11 20000 (within Greece) or (+30) 2106261000 (mobile) 24/7 to have your ticket canceled. However, if you purchased your ticket via a travel agent, please get in touch with them for cancellation.

2. If I cancel my flight ticket, can I claim a refund for the unutilized part of the ticket?

Yes. You can request a refund for the unused part of your Aegean Airlines ticket. However, keep in mind that for all the categories, passengers are required to pay service fees to have the ticket refund processed.

3. What happens if I cancel a refundable ticket?

If you cancel a refundable ticket, you’ll have to pay a refund fee charged for both international and domestic flights.

4. How can I know whether my ticket is refundable or not?

You can check if your ticket is refundable or not online by going to the official website of Aegean Airlines. Choose the “Manage Booking” option and enter the ticket number and you’ll get the details you need. 

5. How do I get my Aegean Airlines reservations refund?

Your refund will be transferred to the account you gave to the Aegean Airlines within 7 business days. However, depending on the method of payment you used, the refund can take up to 20 business days.

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